Generation I

"It is they that have made us what we are, and we exist only thru them. Not only are we what they were, we are nothing more, nothing else than they continue to be. Death has not carried them far way from us; he has planted them within us. And now it is within us that they are, within us that they exist and have their being, and we are nothing but their shadows. When we forget them it is our whole future that we lose sight of,and when we fail to respect them it is our immortal soul that we are trampling under our feet."

Maeterlinck's The Power of the Dead"

Of Generation I we have no certain knowledge. The only proof that these people ever lived is the proof that progeny furnish of the progenitors. The brothers existed; therefore parents existed. These parents are Generation I.

The difficulties of research in this field are especially formidable. In the very first record available on the brothers Robert and Caleb we run into a blank wall. Many of the immigrants of the period came under the blessing of the established Church which furnished affidavit not only of their steadfastness in matters religious but also of their places of origin. Not so the Carrs. Of the passengers on their ship they and a few others are set apart in the old shipping records of London under a brief heading stating that they had permission to embark for the New World. Not a word as to origin, religion or reason for the trip.

Dr. Turner of Newport, R.I. writing about the time of the Civil War calls Caleb a Scotsman. I have found nothing to either prove or disprove this. The fact that William Coddington was apparently a close friend of the Carrs and that he originated in Boston, England is a clue that should be explored.

I leave these things to the future, and to you, my adventurous relatives. Meanwhile may this nearly blank page at the beginning be a challenge to you.


Born in

Aug 18, 1592

Died in

c. 1635

Married in


Sept. 2, 1613


Martha Haddington (c.1595 - .c1635)

These people were most certainly natives of the British Isles. Please refer to the preface to Generation 1. Nothing is known of them except that they were the parents of the two sons:



Robert Carr

b. Oct. 4, 1614



Caleb Carr

b. Dec. 9, 1624

The indentification of Benjamin and Martha as Generation 1 is a temporary identification as of 9 May 2000. We're trying to confirm.

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