Notes to the User of This Book as a Reference Work

The subjects of all sketches in this work meet three requirements. (a) They are descendants of one or the other of the two brothers, Robert and Caleb. (b) They were born with the surname CARR. (c) The had (or have) children. Deceased, unmarried and childless children are mentioned under the sketch of their parents in cases where any data is available.

I have willfully violated the common American practice of beginning the count of generations with the emmigrant ancestor. I count as generation I, the parents of the two brothers in order to preserve the relationship in the numbering system.

This system of numbering is granted to be cumbersome. I am persuaded that it is of sufficient value to warrant its use. It consists of assigning the original ancestor (in this case the father of Robert and Caleb) the number "1". Each succeeding generation then takes the father's number and adds a digit from 1 up according to the order of birth. Thus Caleb being the second child of the original ancestor, as far as we now know, he receives the fathers number "1" plus the digit "2" or "12" and his third child taking the number "12" and adding the digit "3" is numbered "123". A study of this system will reveal many uses of these numbers. The number of digits in a a number indicates the individual's generation. Using a person's number you may refer to his ancestor in any previous generation with tracing back generation by generation. Knowing the numbers assigned to any two or more persons their relationship at once becomes apparent.

To reduce the weight of these numbers without destroying all of their value I have, in the tenth generation, assigned small numbers to all males. With these numbers in Generation XI we begin again the same system using the number and a hyphen instead of the original "1".

To assist you I have kept each sketch in a set form so that dates, ages, places, etc. may be quickly checked. It is my hope that the separation of male and female Carrs in the index and the index of places mentioned may be of help to you.

Names of husbands and wives appearing in the sketches are carried in bold face type to facilitate quick recognition.

Where dates or parts of dates and in some cases other data is not at hand I leave a blank space thus presenting an invitation to further search and the filling in of the spaces.

An "+" preceding the name of a child indicates that a sketch of that child appears in the subsequent generation.

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