The most important thing that I have to say in presenting to you of the Carr Family this result of the use of the leisure hours that I have snatched from a busy life is that it is not a finished product.

Many years ago when the fascination of the job made it apparent that some day I might publish my findings I expected that I would write down the material, inscribe "Finis" and close the book. Some years back I discovered that it could never be so. Genealogy being history the last word can never be said. further, genealogy, or the study of it being laid under great debt to private and obscure records it is always on the brink of great discoveries. thus my dear fellow descendants of the two lads who dared to come to the primitive shores of America I give you this book not as something complete and finished but as a stimulating puzzle that lies upon the table half pieced together. I hope that you will find here the same thrill of knowledge and the urge to further labor that I have found in preparing it.

In presenting the material I have tried to keep in mind two goals. You will find here a mixture, perhaps incongruous, of reference work and romantic family history. The reference side of the book shows largely in the uniform and perhaps over prominent presentation of the vital statistics and in the cumbersome system of individual numbering. The things certainly do not add to the pleasure of perusal but do help mightily to make it of value as a reference book. The records of the lives and doings of more than a thousand Carrs here introduced I have tried to keep on the romantic and good reading side. With what success I leave you to judge.

Assistance in this work has been so general and generous that individual acknowledgement would be sure to slight some most deserving of mention. Nevertheless I do not wish all of the courtesy and help to go unmentioned. Indeed, it is not I, but YOU that have written this book. From all parts of our country have come your personal and family facts and your words of encouragement. Those of the family who live among the scenes in southern Rhode Island that were familiar home scenes of Robert and Caleb three hundred years ago have been notably helpful. Edson I. Carr, although enjoying his eternal reward long before this present work was begun, should have everlasting gratitude for the monument to his memory that exists in the "Carr Family Records".

I am profoundly aware that conflicting accounts of our family history exist. Controversy on this matter I shun. The historical data contained in the "CARR BOOK" I have checked and rechecked and I am firmly convinced that it is reliable. Few references are made to other versions. I prefer to allow truth to stand on its own square pedestal, unbuttressed by argument.

I have said that I do not present this as a finished product. I hope that the story of the Carr family will never be finished. All that I have done and all that the future can do will be to dig into the past as we record the expanding Future.

Arthur A. Carr

Ticonderoga, N.Y., July 15, 1947

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