The Carr Book

Last Updated: 10 May 2000

What we hope to have in these pages is an electronic transcription of Grandpa Arthur A. Carr's 1947 book on the Carr family, beginning in the 17th Century with Robert and Caleb in Rhode Island. The book itself is close to 600 pages and mentions more than one thousand people.

Table of Contents

Title Page



Notes to the User of this Book as a Reference Work

Our Surname

The Generations

Before Generation I

Generation I
Generation II
Generation III
Generation IV
Generation V
Generation VI

Transcriber's Notes

I have preserved to the best of my ability Arthur A. Carr's original spelling and punctuation, correcting only the most obvious typographic errors. Grandpa Carr had his own ideas about such things as the use of commas, and I have let that stand unaltered. There are also some minor but consistent discrepancies of spelling which I have let stand. I think you'll find everything completely readable. He wrote remarkably well for a man pulled out of school after only an elementary education.

I have added hyperlinks wherever it seems to me they might be helpful. For each person documented in the next generation, I have created a link from the parent's story to his or hers. These should be immediately obvious, even to hypertext novices. I don't know how many more years HTML will be with us, but I expect that the documentation of how to interpret HTML will persist into the indefinite future.

When new information comes to light on Generations 1 - 11, that will be shown in the transcription in italics. Footnotes and hyperlinks will be used to explain the changes.


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