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Zelda Oracles series

Both games are completely different and very excellent.  In cruising various message boards, I saw many requests for passwords from people who couldn't afford both games.  So, I decided to make a password (secret) generator for both games so that they could get full value out of their purchase.  Fortunately, the password engine for both games is nearly identical, which simplified things quite a bit.  A few weeks later, here it is.

I haven't tried it under every conceivable game situation, but I've done enough testing and had enough feedback from users to be pretty confident. :)  If you do happen to find any bugs, please let me know so I can fix them.
Zelda Oracles series - Secrets Generator

Installation should be pretty easy.  Just unzip it into a directory of your choice and run it.

How to use it:

It's pretty straight-forward.. just choose which game to make secrets for, names for the Hero and Child, animal friend, rings, etc.  The Game ID can be any number you want.  If you leave 0 in there, the program will select a number for you.  When everything is set to your satisfaction, just click the button to make the passwords.

NOTE:  The passwords are all designed to be used together in the same game.  Therefore, you MUST start a game with the password given to you, or else the other passwords on the screen will NOT work.  They are not meant to be used with any other starting password!  Please consult a FAQ or the appropriate instruction manual to learn about the secrets system.  I *will not* answer questions about how/when to use the secrets system!

Click to Download (Version 1.0 - 178 KB)

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