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Tetris Attack

This is my Tetris Attack page.  Nothing fancy.  Surprised?  ;-)  Right now, only the password-generator program is available.  (Sorry about the colors.. :-}  Trying to stay in line with the game's color scheme.)
 Tetris Attack / Panel De Pon Password Generator

Installation should be pretty easy.  Just unzip it into a directory of your choice and run it.  The latest version of the program is 1.5, dated March 15, 2003.

How to use it:

The program will generate passwords for the 3 different game modes that give passwords:

  • Puzzle Mode
  • Vs. Mode
  • Stage-Clear Mode.
First, select the game (TA [default] or PDP) from the menu.  Then, switch between the tabs to make passwords for the respective modes (Note that in Panel De Pon, there are no passwords for Vs. Mode).  Enter the desired information (for example, the Stage #, the Time, etc.) and when all the information is correct, just click the "Make Password" button.  It's as simple as that!  Now, enter the new password onto the appropriate password screen in Tetris Attack or Panel De Pon.

New in this version:

  • Support for Panel De Pon (the original, Japanese version) passwords
  • The Vs. Mode passwords now work correctly again.
  • Vs. Mode passwords are much more flexible than before.  Plus, there are shortcut options for choosing which characters are freed.  One keeps everything in sync with what stage you've selected, one sets all characters free, another marks none of them as free, and lastly, the custom option lets you set just about any combination.
  • The Stage Clear screen has been redesigned a bit and now the special stage and final stage should work correctly.
Note:  This release should fix all known bugs from past releases and now all passwords should work.  If you find any that don't work, I'd really like to know about it.. please give me the information you used to make the bad password and I will look into it.

Click to Download (210 KB)

Page Created on May 25, 2000.
Last modified on March 15, 2003.

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