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Super Mario RPG

I always found Super Mario RPG to be an interesting RPG/Action mix.  Playing it under emulation re-awakened fond memories and it wasn't long before I felt like making a save-state editor for it. :-)  I chose to make it a save-state editor for ZSNES because it was the easiest way (no checksums to worry about, no compression, etc.).

I haven't tried it under every conceivable game situation, so I'm not guaranteeing that it will work perfectly on everyone's machine.  That having been said, I've used it extensively myself, so I'd venture to say that it's pretty safe. :)  If you do happen to find any bugs, please let me know so I can fix them.
Super Mario RPG - Save State Editor for ZSNES

Installation should be pretty easy.  Just unzip it into a directory of your choice and run it.

How to use it:

Find out how to use it either by reading the "MarioRPGEdit.txt" file included in the download for details, or view it on-line here.

Click to Download (Version 1.02 - 223 KB)

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