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Code creation

Code Hut - This site by Tony Hedstrom has original Game Genie codes for many different games.  He also has some documents on how to create your own.

Cheatopia - An excellent resource for learning the art of code-creation for NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy. 

Game Genie Code Creators Club


Final Fantasy Classic - Has pretty much everything you wanted to know about FF1, including the remakes for WonderSwan Color and PSX.

Slick Productions - Home of Final Fantasy Hackster, FF1 hacks, Disch's upcoming FF1 clone (FF Tribute), and more.

DQ Shrine - A comprehensive Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior site for game information and much more.

Super Monkey Ball Elite - A great competition site for Super Monkey Ball.  If you'd like to compete with some of the best, then head on over.


GameFAQs - A good site for getting help on your favorite games.  Most of my code FAQs can also be found there, as well.  Occasionally you can catch me posting on the message boards, usually the FF1 board, but I visit most other boards related to FF / DW games I've created codes for.

Created on April 08, 2001.
Last updated on August 22, 2002.