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Golden Sun

A most excellent start to a great RPG series for the GameBoy Advance.  After the success of my Zelda Oracles Password Generator, some requests came in for a Golden Sun password generator.  After a time and some thought, I decided to give it a try.  Due to the length of the passwords, it seemed a pretty daunting task.  It was rather tough, but a month later, here it is at last.

Note that this is version 0.81.  That means there are still a few loose ends and maybe some bugs to be found, but the core password logic should be just fine.  If you find any bugs or can provide any missing info (see the readme file), please let me know, thanks.
Golden Sun Password Generator

Installation should be pretty easy.  Just unzip it into a directory of your choice and run it.  If you don't have a program that can handle .zip files, you can get one here:  Read the help file that comes with it or search the 'net if you have questions about how to use this.

How to use the password generator:

It's pretty straight-forward.. you start out on the password tab.  You can start editing data right away on the other tabs or you can base your password on data from several sources (see the "File | Load from" menu) or choose a different default from the Defaults menu.  When everything is set to your satisfaction, just click the button to update the password.

You can write down the password or copy it into the clipboard, where it can be pasted into your favorite text editing or word processing program and then printed out.

For more info, check out the readme file GoldenSunPasswords.txt that comes with the program, or view it online here.

NOTE:  Please consult a FAQ from the internet (see my links page) or the instruction manual to learn about how to enter passwords and for any gameplay questions or information.  I cannot help with emulators or ROMs, either, so please don't ask.  Thanks.  :-)   I do welcome bug reports, suggestions, and questions related to the program.. see the readme file for details.

Click to Download (Version 0.85 - 211 KB)

Version history:

0.85 - March 22, 2004 (released May 3):
  • Fixed a crash bug when trying to save raw password characters to disk (FirenEX).  Seems to only happen on versions of Windows less than 2000.
0.81 - March 05, 2004:
  • Fixed a password-data saving bug where changes weren't saved unless the update button was clicked first.  (Gamer at Random)

0.8 - February 25, 2004:

  • Initial release.

Page Created on February 25, 2004.
Last modified on May 03, 2004.

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