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Welcome to Paul's Home Page

Please excuse these primitive web pages, as the majority of my energy is focused on programming, code-hunting, game-playing, etc.  If you like older console games / emulation, then you may find something of value here.  I've put up several programs over the last few years and have also put up some of my original patch codes created for various console games.. 

Choose your pleasure on the sidebar. 

That's about it.  I'll put up additional pages as soon as additional content is ready, so if you like what you see, check back once in a while.  =)

Note about e-mail viruses:

Just so people know, I'm not sending spam or virus-laden emails to anyone.  For those that don't know, many spammers and viruses forge the "sender" field in e-mails.  This makes it appear as if someone sent the e-mail who actually didn't.  As a result, I receive many bounced e-mails from around the internet whose originals I never sent.  If you have my e-mail address in your address book, try to keep your computer virus and trojan free, thanks.  :-)

Site News
September 03, 2005
I had just enough extra Final Fantasy I Game Genie codes that I decided to put them out there since I probably won't be making new ones for awhile.  No sense in sitting on them any longer.  :)  Look for version 1.5 on the usual page.

I'm sure those of you who've e-mailed me and are expecting a reply have probably been wondering what's happening.  Well, lets just say that those personal things mentioned last time are still going on even after all this time.  I still plan to get to e-mails eventually, despite their increasing numbers.  I still can't say when I will be able to devote enough time to answer them, though, sorry.   :-\
April 05, 2005
Yes, I'm still here.  :-)  There's a new version of my Dragon Warrior IV codes FAQ (now at version 1.20).. as always, you can get it on the codes page or wait a bit longer and grab it at GameFAQs.  For those who have e-mailed me at my Yahoo address in recent months, you've probably noticed that I've been pretty bad about answering it.  I'd like to say that I've been really busy, but in reality I've allowed myself to be diverted by other things.  There are some personal things to take care of in the next few weeks, but I will eventually get to that e-mail.  Thanks very much for your patience.  :-}
July 13, 2004 New version of FF Hackster Companion (0.65).  New additions include my provisional patch to allow a weapon's species and element bytes to be utilized.  Incorporated into my patch is a slightly-modified version of wmage's patch for making the game use the weapon's actual value for critical hit %.  Big thanks to Alex Jackson.. this wouldn't be possible yet without all of his FF1 hacking, willingness to share information, bug finding, etc.
May 08, 2004
While I was fixing the bug with my FF Hackster Companion, I found quite a few newer Game Genie codes I had created, but never released.  So, I dusted them off and they are now part of my Final Fantasy Game Genie Codes FAQ.  It's now at version 1.4 and can be found on the Patch Codes page, as usual.
May 06, 2004
Fixed a problem with the FF Hackster Companion.  There was a bug in the Limits dialog that caused the game to freeze on certain emulators when receiving gold from a treasure chest or the ship game.  This update should repair any hacks that suffer from this problem. Thanks go out to Aaron for the bug report.
May 03, 2004
Fixed a crash bug in the Golden Sun Password Generator when trying to save raw password characters to a file.  If you've been experiencing this problem, you'll want to pick up the new version.
March 05, 2004
Fixed a small saving bug in the Golden Sun Password Generator.  If you had problems with it, a fixed version is available.
February 27, 2004
Made a small addition to my FFHackster Companion utility.  Implemented Alex Jackson's fix for a FF1 bug in determining when an attempt to run from battle is successful.
February 25, 2004
Out of nowhere comes an update, finally.  :-)  This is to announce a new program.. the Golden Sun Password Generator.  It's version 0.8, so don't be surprised if there are a few bugs.  Check out the programs page and you'll find a link from there to the Golden Sun page.
June 5, 2003 Fixed a crashing bug in my Secret of Mana Save State Editor.. thanks to Daniel Turner for reporting the problem and providing me with a save state file to test with.
March 15, 2003 Fixed some problems with the recent release of the TA password generator.  Yeah, I know, I should have tested it better.. :-}  While I was at it, I made some major changes including support for Panel De Pon (the original, Japanese version), since the password system was similar enough.  As part of that, some of the screens were redesigned, which should hopefully make it easier and more flexible.
March 03, 2003 Once again, it's been awhile.  No useless apologies this time.  ;-)  This update is to report that I think I've finally fixed the problems with the Tetris Attack Password Generator.  They caused a small percentage of the passwords in the older version to be incorrect.  You can get the new version on the Tetris Attack page.  I've still been enjoying new games, including the Zelda pre-order bonus, which I just got the other day.  On the code making front, I've been working on some Breath of Fire SNES codes on-and-off, but they won't be ready for a while yet.
September 21, 2002 Not much new.. been enjoying those new games mostly.  =)  A problem with my Super Mario RPG Save-State editor was fixed and a new version is available.  There's only the one bugfix, so if you don't have problems with it, you shouldn't need it.  It should allow those in the international audience that got an error when loading save-states to use the program.  Thanks go out to William Bélanger ( for reporting the problem.
August 22, 2002 A couple weeks until version 1.3 of the FF1 codes FAQ?  More like a few months.  :-}  Anyway, it's finally ready...  you know where to find it.  I've also updated my links page with a few new ones so it doesn't look quite so sparse anymore.  Other than that, now much else is new... I'll be receiving Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Mario Sunshine within the next week and they'll probably keep me busy for at least the next month.  :^)
May 11, 2002 Wow, a real update!  I didn't realize it had been this long.  =}  Too much Super Monkey Ball and FF1...  ;-)  Speaking of FF1, version 1.3 of my FF1 codes FAQ should be ready within the next couple of weeks.  There will be new codes for almost every category, plus fixes for a few mistakes.
November 25, 2001 Released a slightly updated FF Hackster Companion, version 0.51.  Fixes problems some people were having opening FF1 files with unexpected file sizes.  Now, it also checks for Hackster's anti-cheating measure.  A version history is now listed on the program's page, which is where you can pick up the latest.
November 17, 2001 Added a new program I've been working on, the FF Hackster Companion.  It's a companion program to Final Fantasy Hackster for editing Final Fantasy I NES.  Look for it on the programs page, in the Game Editors section.  So far, it lets you edit information about the hidden Ship game, hits in battle, various battle magics, and the sprite dialogs.
October 21, 2001 Version 1.2 of my FF1 code FAQ is now up.  Found some good stuff!  Infinite magic in battle, plus new level-up codes.
October 5, 2001 Version 1.1 of my FF1 code FAQ is now up.  It's been up on GameFAQs for a little over a week, but I forgot to update it here.  >_<  Thanks, Tony, for bringing it to my attention.
September 27, 2001 Ah, another update.  :-)  Finally got around to finishing the Dragon Quest VI codes.  They can now be found under the Patch Codes page.
September 2, 2001 Hmm.. so much for more frequent updates.  :-}  A new version of the Secret of Mana Savestate Editor has been released.  It fixes a bug where the Girl and Sprite tabs didn't show up in certain circumstances.  Thanks to Aaron Paley for reporting it and supplying me with a test save-state.  The layout of the Equipment tab was re-done and the automatic reloading of save-states should work again.  That about rounds it out, program-wise.  On the patch-code front, I've got some codes going for Dragon Quest VI SNES (SFC), Dragon Warrior III GBC, and Secret of Mana.  I don't know which I'll finish first, but something should happen within the next couple of weeks.
July 30, 2001 The Zelda Oracles Secrets Generator finally has it's own page.  Look on the "Programs" page for it.  Also, updated the Super Mario RPG SaveState Editor with a bugfix.  Now, it should work with the updated-format ZSNES Save-State files.  Thanks to for letting me know about the problem.
July 27, 2001 Apologies for the delayed update.  I've been working on a password generator for the newish Zelda Oracles games for the GameBoy Color.  I don't have a page up for it yet, so in the mean time, you can download it here.  The program is for Windows and should work on Windows 95 or higher.  The standard disclaimer applies, of course.  As may be obvious, I've taken a break from code making for a while to just play games.  :-)  No estimates on how long that will be, sorry.  I'll try to update a bit more often, though.
June 21, 2001 Updated codes for Final Fantasy II (SNES).  There are no new codes, but alternate versions of the existing codes were found that should work on the much less common version 1.1 (referred to as "B" by the official Galoob codebook).
June 03, 2001 Added codes for Final Fantasy II (SNES).
May 14, 2001 Added codes for High Speed (NES).  Actually, it's just 1 code.  ;-)
May 09, 2001 Updated the codes for Dragon Warrior IV.  They are all new battle codes, affecting combat ability, item behavior, and Taloon's AI attacks.
April 27, 2001 Added codes for Dragon Warrior II.  Get them from the Patch Codes page.
April 14, 2001 Updated the Dragon Warrior IV Game Genie codes (2 new).  The codes document is now at version 1.05.  The big new addition is a code I created that removes the AI control of your main party characters.  Check it out if you're into DW 4.
April 13, 2001 Created a bunch of new Dragon Warrior III Game Genie codes (40+).  The codes document is now at version 1.1.
April 08, 2001 The site is finally updated and along with it is a slightly new look.  I've decided to put up some of my Game Genie code documents.  Starting things off are codes for Dragon Warrior III, Dragon Warrior IV, and Final Fantasy I.  Have fun.  :-)
June 04, 2000 The Super Mario RPG page is up.  Minor fixes on other pages.
June 02, 2000 Updated the Secret of Mana page with a new version!  It's still has the same version number, though.
May 30, 2000 The Secret of Mana page is now up.
May 25, 2000 The Tetris Attack page is now up.
May 23, 2000 Paul finally makes a home page for himself. :-)

Contact Information

You can reach me here if you want to drop me a line, have any comments, etc.

Note:  To save on disk space, my programs have been compressed by UPX.  Check out the UPX Homepage for more information on this freeware compressor and executable compression in general.

Created on May 23, 2000.
Last updated on September 03, 2005.

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