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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Tomorrow I become a real, sort of grown-up person. Starting clerkship, living in an apartment all by myself (though the degree of proximity of the parents is rather remarkable).

The last month or so has consisted mainly of recovering from the bar exam and dealing with the coast-to-coast move. The exam itself was alright -- I felt comfortable-ish with the essays and performance tests (I know I missed some stuff but it didn't feel disastrous), not at all comfortable with the multiple choice in the middle. I guess I'll find out in November whether my feelings were justified or not! Then back to New Haven, spending time with friends and other Wonderful Folk remaining there, and shipping the entire tangible contents of my life from CT to CA via post office and FedEx ground. Managed to sell my massive vehicle (sniff!), but not before trekking out to Cape Cod to celebrate a slightly belated birthday with E.L.! Then back to CA again, where I'm still trying to unpack and furnish my vast and spacious abode. Unfortunately, the result of all this boxing and unboxing is that I've become incredibly boring, concerned mostly with the differences in shipping rates between FedEx and UPS and the relative merits of various types of bubble wrap. When I feel like I've got something interesting to say, you'll be hearing from me -- until then, good luck to all readers with the start of fall...

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