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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Well, if you put it that way...

"Enter auters offences faitz encounter la corone & dignitie le royz Treasone est le pluis graunde et haynous."
-- Les Plees del Coron (1557), Sir W. Staunford

Enough to inspire patriotism in anyone. Sure wish I remembered my Medieval French declensions...

Monday, September 27, 2004

Starts and stops

I have a very short attention span -- sometimes. Am currently on a quest to finish things that have been left undone. Projects I have undertaken that currently lie in various stages of completeness (leaving out, of course, the largest one, self-improvement):

-- Reading The Magic Mountain
-- Reading Les Misérables (in French -- a lovely old edition from a used book store in Paris)
-- Reading Cien anos de soledad (in Spanish. No, I don't remember enough Spanish to do this.)
-- A piece of needlepoint I've been working on since elementary school
-- A bracelet I've been working on since August
-- Sorting out the vast number of e-mails in my Eudora and Webmail inboxes
-- Getting through a first-level elementary Hebrew textbook
-- Emptying many of the bottles in my bathroom cabinet -- at least getting down to only one brand of any one particular type of product...
-- Building a dollhouse from a wonderful kit my sister gave me years ago when I adored such things
-- Working my way through all of Galamian's scale book, as well as the two or three books of violin études I own
-- Reading A History of the Jewish People
-- More generally, reading all of the books on my bookshelf that I haven't read
-- Reviewing my notes from Abstract Algebra I to see if it makes more sense on the second go-round
-- Finishing up my second reading of Lord of the Rings (I'm just into Return of the King ... I think)
-- Putting up a shelf in my bathroom; caulking the holes that resulted the last time I tried to put something up in my apartment
-- Watching the complete first season of Gilmore Girls, and as much of Sex and the City as I can rent or borrow... in order.

What emerges: a penchant for doing things in an orderly fashion, working through things for the sake of being able to say they're complete. (And I am not always unsuccessful! I read the Norton Anthology of American Literature (shorter seventh edition) cover to cover during my year off after college. For my prize book freshman year I chose War and Peace, over a friend's objections that I would never read it all -- and I did, eventually, even the infamous second epilogue, which, I have it on good authority, Russians themselves do not read.) Are we doomed to go through life with a slew of incomplete projects hanging over our heads? More importantly, would life be interesting if we were every really able to complete them all?

(And: how long until I develop an annoying Carrie Bradshaw-esque habit of asking clever questions at the end of each post?)

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Computer is home safe -- thanks to the lovely folks at Datavision in NYC, who have twice provided much-needed repair and an initial evaluation that later proved to be a dramatic overestimate. Hurray. In other good news, tomorrow morning I will be calling to accept a district court clerkship with a wonderful federal judge -- on which more later. And finally -- the ridiculously tall (for a girl of my height), black, shiny, mock-crocodile gladiator sandals I've been hiding away since college returned to NH with me after my recent jaunt homewards.

(Still no posts of substance, you say? Well, hopefully once I get down to schoolwork in earnest, will find something other than scandalous footwear on which to comment.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Yesterday was just one of those days.

My computer's dead -- something about the power supply, something about soldering; probably means I'll have to go into the city this weekend, and be laptop-less for a week or something. Assuming they can fix it. My car is also dead -- battery-dead, after a few immobile months in a parking structure; plus the insurance quote I received this morning was absurdly high, literally hundreds of dollars more than when I asked for a similar quote last April. Heck, even the plumbing in my apartment is malfunctioning.

Yesterday was also a day of frantic voice-mail checking in the hopes of calls from judges, lots and lots of hours of class (for which I should actually be quite thankful, since it saved me from having to be roaming the halls at school surrounded by a hundred other law students far more stressed about the judge situation than I), my first -- and hopefully successful -- "court run" for clinic in order to make sure none of our clients had been served with process any time in the last 24 hours... Another day in a string of days of not really eating, not really sleeping, and just plain lying around.

Stressmeter is preternaturally low. The P-meter, however, is high...

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