The Purpose of Going to Mars

In late 1989 to early 1990, three people of interest to me were being drawn into becoming Mars activists.  Dr. Robert Zubrin came up with his Mars Direct plan.  I came up with EMA.  Kim Stanley Robinson decided to become a science fiction writer.

Dr. Zubrin's Mars Direct has knocked the estimated cost of going to Mars down by a factor of at least 10.  Kim Stanley Robinson wrote a trilogy of books that explore in detail a possible future of the planet Mars.  His books are entitled, "Red Mars", "Green Mars," and "Blue Mars."  Along with Dr. Zubrin's "The Case For Mars" Mr. Robinson's trilogy make for great reading for people seriously interested in getting us to Mars.

Mr. Robinson attended the Second Convention of The Mars Society, held in Boulder, Colorado in August of 1999.  During an hour long presentation there, he outlined what he felt were all the wrong reasons for going to Mars.  Although he was extremely eloquent, I'm listing the essence of his talk here in an embarrassingly inelegant manner (based on my memory and lost notes).

The Wrong Reasons for Going To Mars

These comments were well received by the attendees at The Mars Society conference.  Mr. Robinson went on to attend Planetfest several months later (hosted by The Planetary Society), held in Pasadena, California in December of 1999.  During a half hour presentation there, he outlined what he felt were the right reasons for going to Mars.  Again, this outline of his talk written here does injustice to his clarity, eloquence, and skills as a public speaker and profound thinker.

Going to Mars for Those Who Aren't Going [Or, The Right Reasons for Going to Mars]

That concludes Mr. Robinson's second presentation.  I loved it.  I'm now passing these ideas and beliefs along to the students working on EMA.

Students visit JFK's gravesite.
Whitney HS students visiting JFK's gravesite as part of having cultural experiences -- learning about the values of the people of Earth.

I'm working on EMA:

In summary, I'm working on EMA to help Earth.

Students planting trees at Kern River Preserve
Students planting trees to restore a lost forest.