Accessibility Statement

I have added a number of accessibility features to make this site accessible to everyone regardless of their special needs.


The following is a list of the accesskeys for those who cannot or prefer not to use a mouse:

  • 1 goes to the home page.
  • 2 cycles through the six pages on the main menu. It only works from any of those six pages.
  • 3 cycles through any of several groups of pages depending on which group you are in. The groups include Images, Calendar, and Credits.
  • 9 opens your default e-mail program and puts my e-mail address in the "to" feild and puts "Patrick G. Tracy website" in the "subject" field.

Be aware that accesskeys are not perfect. In some cases they conflict with keystroke combinations already used by certain programs for other things. Using TAB and SHIFT+TAB may be a better way than accesskeys to navigate through the links on a website. If you have difficulty navigating this site with accesskeys please e-mail me at

Content Before Navigation Menu

The pages on this site have been, or are in the process of being, structured so that the important content comes first and the navigation menu comes afterward. For visual presentation they have been styled using CSS to display the navigation menu at the top and to keep it there while the content scrolls. Hopefully this makes the site functional for all users. If there is something that causes problems for you please e-mail me at with a description of the problems you are having and details of the operating system and browser you use.

Other Display Issues

I have tried to style this site in a way that works for all users. Relative text sizing has been used extensively so that text size can be changed to suit the user. Hopefully the contrast and coloring works for everyone. If you have trouble with the colors, the size of text or you experience other display problems please e-mail me at with a description of your problem and your operating system and browser details.

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