1945 - WWII Cliser
1945 drawing...
Sgt. Melvin Cliser
by - Ernest D. Martin





A Father's Legacy

Old Friends have been United after 56 years.

1945 - WWII Buddies Reunited After 56 years
Sgt. Melvin Cliser & Ernest Martin

1945 - WWII Cliser

It all began with a charcoal drawing done 56 years ago of Sgt. Melvin Cliser. Cliser. Ernest Martin and Cliser became friends when stationed at Lowery Field, Colorado. They were both Sergeants and explored a large part of Colorado while there. Although Mel and Ernest were in different squadrons they shipped out at the same time with the destination being Keesler Field, Mississippi. Soon they explored much of the Mississippi coast and the inland. WWII was over in August 1945 and it was about January, 1946 that Melvin was scheduled to be discharged. Ernest went to the Biloxi Depot and watched as he waved "good bye" from the platform of the last car on the train. Ernest never saw or heard from Melvin Cliser again until after 56 years...

That's when through the help of some special people out there.... Gary Cliser (a nephew of of Melvin Cliser) contacted Ernest Martin and gave him Melvin's phone number and address. Melvin Cliser and Ernest Martin have finally made contact after 56 years!

According to Ernest... It was around April 25, 2002, and thanks to Gary Cliser contact has been made with Melvin Cliser as of about 11:15 (Central time) by telephone from Mel Cliser. Mel and Ernest visited for about 45 minutes. Melvin is a very experienced man having spent 24 + yrs. in Government service. Ernest mentioned that Mel still has the original of the charcoal portrait that Ernest did of him.

Thanks to Everyone who helped in the search and connected these old WWII buddies after all these years.

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