Tekumel? It’s a fantasy world created by M.A.R. Barker for his novels and RPGs.

Fanon? Unofficial, fan-produced material that tries to measure up to canon.

Downloads? That’s right, take whatever you like below, free for all.
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Current offerings:
Coming someday:
There’s also this project I’ve been working on (slacking off on, since the start of 2006) that’s going to be setting-neutral, a generic accessory, but one that fits in with this version of Pan Chaka nicely: a grotesquely, po-facedly serious social anthropology of rural and village life. I may try releasing that as ransomware, to see what the market's like and judge demand. Being a perverse bastard, it will probably come out before anything else mentioned here.
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Last updated: 5 Sep 08
Right: A Chákan maiden welcomes you to the seat of the Red Mountain clan northwest of Butrús.