PACK 139
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The Treasurer

To save the Reimbursement Form RIGHT-CLICK HERE and choose "Save Target As ...".

     The Pack Treasurer will also be serving as a Weblos I Den Leader.    Therefore his time will be extremely limited for Treasurer duties at the Pack meetings.    He will not be bringing the Pack checkbook to the meetings.    If you need to be reimbursed for an expenditure that you made on behalf of the Pack you will need to let him know at least 2 days before the Pack meeting.    The reimbursement form below needs to be filled in before he can issue you a check.    It is in MS Word format, and Wordpad should also open it.    You need to maintain its original design.    Please fill in the information that is requested and save the file and email the file to the Treasurer.    He will write a check and have it ready for you at the next meeting.    If you can't get the document to work then just email him the information, fill in the form manually and he will have the check ready for you at the next meeting.

     He can reimburse you at either the leader's meeting or the pack meeting.    He would prefer the leader's meetings since he will have more available time.

     If you have any questions or trouble with the form please let him know.