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    PACK 139

    March 8, 2003

    Who won?
    Everyone that participated won because they
    Did their best!

    Thirty-five cars entered the race. Each boy's car was assigned a number. All cars raced ten races, in a computer-generated random grouping of cars and lane numbers. Three or two cars raced each time (35 is not an even multiple of 3). For each race First place earned 1 point, Second place earned 2 points, and Third place earned 3 points. The cars earning the lowest scores were deemed the fastest. In the event of a tie point score, the tied cars would race each other to break the tie. Of those not winning First, Second or Third Place, the fastest of each rank of cubs (Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos) were recognized. The boys also voted on their three favorites for "Best Looking Cars".

    Here are the results:

    First Place - Fastest in the Pack: #20 (Built by a Wolf)

    Second Place - Fastest in the Pack: #23 (Built by a Tiger)

    Third Place - Fastest in the Pack: #10 (Built by a Bear)

    Fastest - Tiger Cubs: #6

    Fastest - Wolf Cubs: #1

    Fastest - Bear Cubs: #31

    Fastest - Webelos Scouts: #29

    First Place - Best Looking in the Pack: #16

    Second Place - Best Looking in the Pack: #2

    Third Place - Best Looking in the Pack: #19

    Cars 1-3

    Cars 4-6

    Cars 7-9

    Cars 10-12

    Cars 13-15

    Cars 16-18

    Cars 19-21

    Cars 22-24

    Cars 25-27

    Cars 28-30

    Cars 31-33

    Cars 34-35

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