A Newcomer's Guide to Paint, Coating, and Epoxy Resin Products

Basics: all two part epoxies yellow and thus are not color stable

Basics: epoxies are two part products the require careful mixing and must be used within minutes of mixing

Basics: are usually pretty thick and sticky. Not like working with 'regular' paints

Basics: Serious coating vendors make it easy to find and download required Product Data Sheets and legal MSDS information. Avoid vendors that don't

Basics: Use Vendors that offer user tips and tricks and user feedback postings on their website - this type of information is very valuable

Basics: has the easiest web storefront to buy epoxy, but you need to know what you want or need

Basics: has the most comprehensive web site - over 175 pages of information, links, feedback, catalogs and storefronts. But its massive size is overwhelming at first

Basics: Google search Professor E. Poxy for the web's long standing, iconic epoxy and paint answer man


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American Made Epoxy Coating Systems


Floor Epoxy / Epoxy Flooring / Seamless Floor / Epoxy Chip Floor / Garage Epoxy Paint / Home Garage Floor Epoxy

There are lots of options and decision to be made when it comes to epoxy floors. Such a floor system can be from one to seven coats /layers. All epoxies yellow, clear epoxy turns golden, white turns to yellow, etc. Floor epoxies can be water based, solvent based or solvent free. Clear coat urethanes or polyurethanes with UV blockers may or may not be available and their strong odor might also rule them out. Adhesion can also be an issue, but 99% of the time adhesion is a surface preparation issue. But suitable and enough preparation is guesswork and one never knows about it until after the application. Sometimes, air, in the form of bubbles coming out of the cement, can also cause serious issues. Floors with colored chips require even more decisions. Chips into a clear coat of epoxy or urethane, or directly onto the pigmented epoxy? What color chips and how dense do you want them applied? To learn more go to a very informative series of epoxy floor pages
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Fiberglass Boat Repair / Epoxy Resin / Marine Epoxy / Marine Paint / Boat Building Resin / Wooden Boat Repair / Boat Building Supplies / Barrier Coat Epoxy

Lots of companies sell epoxy resin systems for boat owners. There are a handful of major vendors that formulate their special products from chemicals supplied by the handful of major chemical companies. Then there are the 'low ball' vendors that just repackage the raw resins and chemicals from the major chemical companies. Most marine epoxies can 'blush' and form a surface film that must be removed as an extra step. Look only for No Blush Marine Epoxies (No Blush or Non Blushing) - costs a few dollars more, but well worth it. One of the leading formulators of marine epoxy, as well as the least expensive of the 'Big Boys' as a web page and related links on their
non blushing epoxy.


Epoxy Paint / Thick Epoxies / Epoxy Putty / Epoxy Rollers / Underwater Coating Systems / Epoxy Resins for Home Business Boat / Epoxy Fillers and Additives / Fiberglass Cloth

Epoxies can be thickened to a paste or gel (or sold that way); solvent thinned for better penetration and sealing (DIY or purchase that way), or used 'straight' out of the mixing bucket. It is common to use fiberglass cloth with epoxy for boat or auto repair or building. But epoxies are epoxies with similar traits across the board. Some formulations of epoxies work better or are easier to use in certain applications or conditions but the idea that there are highly specialized epoxies required for specific tasks is mostly just product marketing and a trick to separate you from your money. Consider epoxies to be sort of medium hard plastic that can scratch and will yellow in sunlight. It has really good bonding adhesion and excellent chemical and physical properties. It does the 'work' but is generally not the decorative - attractive topcoat. Usually enamels, urethanes, polyurethanes, or latex paints are applied over epoxies for that good looking outcome. Google search Progressive Epoxy Polymers and you'll find their web site, plus dozens or hundreds of links to them from other sites going back years. They have the widest range of epoxy resins, paints, accessories, fillers, and urethanes / polyurethanes from a dozen or so American industrial coating manufacturers. Their prices reflect their 'industrial' roots.


Pour On Epoxy / Bar Top  Epoxy / Clear Epoxy / Epoxy Table Top / Casting Epoxy Resin

Everyone admires those 1/2 inch thick clear epoxy table and bartops seen at restaurants, clubs and bars. It is a project that anyone can do. But keep in mind that epoxies will yellow in sunlight, will scratch easily, and will soften and dent if hot objects are left on it. Also, a gallon of resin will only cover about 6 square feet at 1/4 inch, so these table tops are not cheap even if you don't 'mess up'. Unfortunately, many folks sell a clear epoxy for this application that you shouldn't use. It's too thick (lots of air bubbles), yellow too quickly or easily, and is either way over prices, or so cheap you just know there is something 'odd' going on. Look for a product that both professionals use (they've learned the good products and what reasonable prices are) as well as one time only homeowners. An epoxy product that meets these qualifications is called Bio Clear 810 (tm).  Bio Clear 810 .







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