Table of Contents

Epigraphs:  Hector Berlioz, Franz Liszt
Table of Contents
Introduction: On the Usefulness of Archival Sound Recordings 
              in Performance Practice Study
Chapter 1:    Hector Berlioz' Grande Messe des morts -- 
              Historical Background; Features of the Berlioz Style
Chapter 2:    Berlioz and His Interpreters -- 
              An Historical Perspective
Chapter 3:    The Grande Messe des morts: 
              Early and Notable Performance History
Chapter 4:    Parameters for the Study of Twenty Archival 
              Sound Recordings
Chapter 5:    Twenty Archival Sound Recordings: 
              Statistical Timing Analysis
Chapter 6:    Twenty Archival Sound Recordings: 
              Specific Performance Choices; the Tenor Solo
Chapter 7:    Twenty Archival Sound Recordings: 
              Subjective Aesthetic Comparison
Chapter 8:    Indications for Further Study; Conclusions
Appendix A:   Notes on Editions
Appendix B:   Charts and Tables
Appendix C:   Notes on Performers
Appendix D:   "Berlioz," Broadcast Lecture by 
              Sir Hamilton Harty, 2 March 1936, BBC

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