Beating Bush

11 March 1991

Well, the War appears to be essentially over, to my great surprise (and relief). Yes indeed, I do acknowledge that Bush made all the right decisions, but I don't necessarily think that a Democrat wouldn't have done exactly the same thing. My remarks last month (about honoring Bush and then turning him out of office, like the UK did with Churchill) still stand.

Rising to the occasion in an armed conflict is a very important part of the office of the president of the United States, make no mistake about it (to quote another Republican of recent memory). But the domestic situation is a real mess, and even if you ignore that, I can't ignore the fact that our space program is under the leadership of Dan Quayle, whom I consider (not to mince words) an idiot. (Or is it moron? or imbecile? Does somebody know exactly what the scale is on which these things are based? Anyway I consider him some sort of mental defective, and Bush's insistence on keeping this mental midget on the putative 1992 ticket invites suspicion. Can you say, "insurance"?)

They say we're in a "recession" right now. Talk about mincing words! Perhaps many of you have heard your parents or others speak of the Great Depression. It seems to me that this sad chapter in our nation's history can be characterized by several factors: Shaken confidence in the economy; violent swings in the stock market; mass failure of savings and lending institutions, due in large part to speculation in high-risk investments; the collapse of several transportation carriers; growing layoffs and rising unemployment; and a stiff-necked Republican in the White House whose agendas are defined by the rich.

So perhaps you'll understand that I decline to kiss Bush's ring; that I will not be pledging him my support next year; and that I shall not forget the domestic issues that I feel are being swept under the rug in the postwar euphoria.