"Dead Again" Review

15 September 1991

To close, I have another movie recommendation, so Celia, listen up! The picture is "Dead Again," directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh, with Emma Thompson, Derek Jacobi, Andy Garcia, and (uncredited) a very well-known comedian. [Robin Williams, as everybody knows by now.]

The plot concerns murder, opera, revenge, pizza, eternal love, scissors, reincarnation, smoking, and karma. It is full of references (or "homages," if you prefer) to a whole bunch of films, including "Rebecca," "Spellbound," "Vertigo," "Dial M for Murder," "Psycho" (not the obvious one!); and, among non-Hitchcock films, "Deception," "Rocky," "I, Claudius" and "The Philadelphia Story" (thanks to Bill Warren for pointing this one out). There's even one scene which directly parodies a similar scene in "Citizen Kane," and openly mocks a famous moment in "Now, Voyager." Go see it!