Cecilia Bartoli Review

15 March 1992

I sort of hinted earlier that I had been to Ambassador Auditorium. The reason for this first-time excursion to that jewel of beautiful downtown Pasadena was the local debut of a young Italian opera singer who is, as they say, the latest sensation. Her name is Cecilia Bartoli, and she is a mezzo-soprano specializing in the florid and expressive roles (what one would call coloratura, referring not to a type of voice but to a type of technique) for that voice range as written by Mozart and Rossini. In addition to having a lovely voice, an expert technique, and good musical taste, she is also extremely attractive, as the scanned photograph may indicate. Oh yes: she's only 25! At the risk of sounding ... pompous, I'll mention that I went to the Green Room after the recital and stood for half an hour in the receiving line to meet Signorina Bartoli, and found myself overcome with infatuation. She is every bit as lovely up close as in her pictures, with charm to match. I think I'm going to be listening to more Rossini and Mozart operas this year!