Parke County, Indiana
Rockville Cemetery Plat Map

Re-drawn from the plat in the Rockville Town Hall

Grave site indicators are approximate. The cemetery is located about a quarter mile east of Rockville.
Martha Wilson (Hale) is buried at the David / Effie Mankin site. Sebastian Durr's first wife is buried at the Durr site. Other Mankins include Gibson Mankin and children. Arthur Wood(s) died in Greene Co. MO in 1937 and interred here at his request. Is it possible that his parents Albert M. Woods and Harriet E. Mankin are buried nearby ? They died c1892 and were buried on the same day leaving behind three orphaned sons, Arthur, Bert and Gilbert. Gilbert the youngest was only 6 years old when they died. All traces of their death records and burial sites are gone as well as their sons. Only Effie Mankin Durr remembered where they were buried and she has departed us as well. She once took one of Gilbert's sons to visit the site (1942) but the only memories of that visit are that the grave markers were made of wood and that the Cemetery was "just outside of Rockville". Some others buried here are listed on the Parke County Cemetery Index page under Rockville Cemetery and a photograph of David, Martha and Effie's gravestones and an inset of Sebastian Durr's can be seen at the top of the page. Questions about others not listed in the index can be answered by the author if e-mailed.

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