Parke County, Indiana
Cemetery Indexes
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  •  Clear Run Cemetery 
  • Coloma Cemetery
  • Cemetery On Stillman Goff's Land
  • Memory Gardens Cemetery
  • Miller Cemetery
  • Montezuma (Old Cemetery)
  • Mount Olivet Cemetery
  • Oakland Cemetery
  • Rockville Cemetery
  • Rosedale Cemetery
  • Sandcreek Cemetery
  • Seybold/Harlan Cemetery
  • Simmons Cemetery
  • Sweeney (Swaim) Cemetery
  • Union Cemetery
  • West Union Cemetery

  • The Mankin and Durr Families are interred in the
    Rockville Cemetery. David and Martha Mankin 
    brought into this world a baby girl, Effie who 
    many remember as being a nurse, a houseworker
    and the baker of cakes. She married late in life to 
    Sebastian Durr and they had a few happy years
    together. Follow this link to a  
    Rockville Cemetery Plat Map  page.

    Clear Run Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Bridgeton, Raccoon Township

    Name                                     Born                                  Died                                   Remarks
    Woods, John Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Coloma Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Coloma, Reserve Township

    Name                                         Born                                Died                                 Remarks
    Woody, Albert Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Cemetery on Stillman Goff's Land
    Parke County Indiana, Adams Township

    Not included on the official of Adams Twp. Cemeteries
     Name                                            Born           Died                         Remarks
    Mary J. Carpenter Unknown 1855 Husband: Harvey Carpenter
    Newell, Margaret Unknown Unknown None
    Newell, Thomas Unknown Unknown None
    Fisher, J.M.  Unknown Sept.  (unreadable) 22 yrs. 6 mo. 11 days
    Fisher, (could have been Jacob) Aug. 1812 May 26, 1848  35 yrs. 9 mo. Husband
    Cob, A.  (ACob)
    (could have been Jacob)
    Unknown Unknown None
    As prepared by Miss Sandra Satterfield
    Transcribed by Michael Woods (1998)

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    Memory Gardens Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Rockville, Adams Township

    Name                                            Born                               Died                                Remarks
    Woods, Blanche Not Known Not Known None
    Woods, Charles Not Known Not Known None
    Woods, Charles Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Miller Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Liberty Township

    Name                                      Born                                  Died                                  Remarks
    Woods, Lena Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Montezuma (Old Cemetery)
    Parke County Indiana, Montezuma, Reserve Township

    Name                                           Born                              Died                                   Remarks
    Haroks Not Known Not Known None
    Woods, Mary B. Jun.3, 1838 Sep.26, 1855 None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Mount Olivet Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Florida Township

    Name                                             Born                                Died                                 Remarks
    Woods, Icy Jun.14, 1880 May 21, 1919 None
    Woods, Frank M. Not Known Not Known None
    Woods, Freeman P. Nov.13, 1908 Dec.20, 1978 None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Oakland Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Montezuma, Reserve Township

    Name                                 Born                      Died                       Remarks
    Machledt, Fred Sep.11, 1887 Feb.13, 1976 None
    Machledt, Maggie Oct.18, 1891 Dec.9, 1975 Wife of Fred Machledt
    Mankins, Gertrude Not Known Not Known Wife of Joseph Mankin
    Mankins, Hester C. Not Known Not Known None
    Mankins, Joseph Not Known Not Known None
    Mankin Eddie Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Rockville Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Rockville, Adams Township

    Follow this link to a  Rockville Cemetery Plat Map  page.

    Due to the large size of the listings for this cemetery only those grave sites actually visited by the author have been included here. Interments between 1825 and 1961 are available upon request. As with any cemetery listing only known interments are included and it must be assumed there may be others that have been lost over the years, headstones removed, destroyed or so weather worn as to make them impossible to find. E-mail a request for a name search to

    Name                                Born                  Died                   Remarks
    Burke Not Known Not Known None
    Durr, Effie Mankin Oct.10, 1880 Jan.30, 1957 Daughter of D. & M. Mankin
    Durr, Sebastian 1862 Aug.26, 1941 None
    Durr, Flora E. 1858 Aug.13,1935 None
    Harrison Not Known Not Known None
    Johnston Not Known Not Known None
    Lewis, Fred Apr.3, 1895 Apr.22, 1928 Bronze star at base of headstone
    Mankin, Martha Hale 1849 May 6, 1928 Wife of David Mankin
    Mankin, David Oct.13, 1842 Aug.26, 1898 None
    Mankin, Bert 1909 Mar.8, 1909 Son of Bert Mankin Sr.
    Mankin, Chauncey 1878 Feb.18, 1890 Son of Gibson Mankin Sr.
    Mankin, George 1863 Jul.12, 1897 None
    Mankin, Gibson 1836 Mar.3, 1913 Husband of Mary Jane Mankin
    Mankin, Harry 1897 Aug.5, 1909 Son of Gibson Mankin
    Mankin, Mary Jane Not Known Feb.23, 1926 Dau. of Ella Stourt
    Mull, C.C. Oct.3, 1842 Dec.24, 1908 None
    Noel, George Sedwick 1821 Jul.26, 1896 None
    Nowling Not Known Not Known None
    Shaffer, David Not Known Not Known None
    Shouse, Ida M. 1871 19-- None
    Shouse, James E. 1862 1941 None
    Skelton Not Known Not Known None
    Wood, Arthur G. May 1881 May 31,1937 Husband of Hazel Wood
    Woods, James A. Not Known Apr.7, 1925 None
    Woods, John Not Known Not Known None
    Woods, Jonnie Not Known Not Known None
    Woods, Mary C.E. Not Known Jun.4, 1925 None
    Woods, Samuel Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Rosedale Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Rosedale, Florida Township

    Name                                              Born                              Died                               Remarks
    Wools, Harriet R. Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Sandcreek Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Adams Township

    Only 2 readable. Rest lying on ground.
     Name                                  Born               Died                     Remarks
    Elsey,Rebeckah May Jun. 1798 June 8, 1833 35yrs. Husband: B.M. Elsey
    Levicy, Jhob Boos Dec. 1833 June 8, 1851 17 yrs. 5 mo. 6 days
    As prepared by Miss Sandra Satterfield
    Transcribed by Michael Woods (1998)

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    Seybold / Harlan Cemetery
    Park County Indiana, Sugar Creek Township

    Name                                           Born                                Died                                Remarks
    Mankin, George Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)

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    Simmons Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Adams Township

    Name                          Born                     Died                   Remarks
    Simmons, Soloman Feb. 28, 1788  Sept. 6, 1876 None
    Simmons,Elizabeth Sept. 20, 1811 June 12, 1891 None
    Simmons, Rebecca Jun. 1791 Oct.25,1849 58 yrs. 4mo. Wife of S. Simmons
    As prepared by Mr. John Pinegar
    Transcribed by Michael Woods (1998)

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    Sweeney (Swaim) Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Adams Township

    Name                        Born           Died               Remarks
    Beaty, Charley 1870 5-5-1870 Son of J.C. & S.T.
    Carpenter, James 1836  5-15-1848 Son of Wm. & M. Death occurred as result of being thrown by a horse.
    Carpenter, John K. 1821 3-12-1851 Son of W.O. & M Carpenter Father of Nancy
    Carpenter, Nancy M.  1842 12-26-1842 Daughter of John K.
    Carpenter, Polly 1794 10-17-1872 Wife of Wm.
    Carpenter,William C. 1793 4-21-1893 None
    Daniel, (infant) 1871 5-1871 Child of J. & S.S.
    Daniel, (infant) 1873 6-1873 Child of J. & S.S.
    Daniel, (infant)  1875 4-1875 Child of J. & S.S.
    Daniel, Francis  1859  1-17-1860 Son of J.& S.
    Daniel, Marian J.  1834  9-3-1863  Wife of Wm. R.
    Daniel, Martha A. 1888 5-16-1888 Daughter of J.
    Daniel, Nancy 1791 3-15-1872 Wife of Wm.
    Daniel, Phebe 1862 9-1863  Daughter of W. Daniel
    Daniel, Pressley A. 1816  6-15-1888 None
    Daniel, Tilman 1852 12-28-1869  Son of P. & L.
    Daniel, William  1792 1-6-1855 None
    Daniel, William R.  1831 10-20-1862 Son of Wm. & Nancy
    Day, Ethel 1887 1-24-1889 Daughter of Wm. & N.C.
    Edmiston, Matilda 1871  9-9-1877 Wife of Allan
    Keltner, Emma Eliza 1869 10-9-1871 Daughter of Wm. & R.D.
    Keltner, Mary A. 1878 6-11-1879 Daughter of A.P. & M
    Keltner, John R. 1864 1864 Son of Wm. & R.D.
    Keltner, William H. 1825 8-9-1881 None
    Low, Sarah 1780 1-10-1873 Wife of Rev. S.
    Stalker, (infant) 8-21-1889 8-23-1889 Son of F.M. & L.A
    Swafford, Howard 1801  2-14-1880 None
    Underwood, Lucy 1814 4-23-1888 Wife of  P. A. Daniel,  mother of Tilman Daniel
    Keltner, ?  Unknown 1877 Letters U.S.A. appear on what remain of this marker. 
    Transcribed by Michael Woods (1998)

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    Union Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Adams Township
     A-C  D-R  S-Z

                The Union Cemetery is located about 4 miles southwest of Rockville, just off road 41 before you reach the Rock Run Hill. A Methodist Episcopal church once stood on this ground as the Union Church.  Burials were made around the Church and some graves were dated earlier than 1844. The Union Church ceased to be used, the building was removed and  the entire plat of land became a cemetery. No plat has ever been made of Union cemetery previous to, September 1957. Over one half of it is unmarked and the persons at rest there are unknown, so this record is very incomplete. The cemetery is closed for burials except for people who's lots or parts of lots are unused. No lots were ever sold so the upkeep is taken care of by cash donated by interested relatives.
             The earliest known birth recorded on a stone is Sarah Vancleave Dec. 15, 1781 and the earliest burial date is 1817, that of Margaret C. Bascom.

    This is an incomplete record for so many graves are unmarked and unknown. These dates and remarks are either the records on tombstones or given by living relatives.

     Name                                       Born                 Died               Remarks
    Anderson, Annette Jan.16, 1874 May 8, 1875 Dau. of G.D. & M.E. Anderson
    Anderson, Anzalita Jan.1, 1823 Mar.3, 1858 None
    Anderson, Eschol Jan.20, 1893 Oct.23, 1895 Son on G.C. & M.J. Anderson
    Anderson, Harold M. Mar.24, 1895 Oct.19, 1895 Son on G.C. & M.J. Anderson
    Anderson, Mary E. Nov.13, 1852 Jun.17, 1881 None
    Anderson, Reba R.  Aug.24, 1899 Jan.12, 1905 Son on G.C. & M.J. Anderson
    Andrew, E.S. Unknown 1890 Son of I. & H. Andrew
    Andrew, Hannah 1861 1919  Wife of Ira Andrew
    Andrew, Ira 1856 1931 None
    Barnaby, John William 1841 1888  Pvt. CO.K, 43 Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf.
    Barnaby, Nancy 1849 1923 Wife of John W. Barnaby
    Bartley, Charles 1866  1942 None
    Bartley, George Sept.1, 1833 Sept.17, 1908 None
    Bartley, Jesse Unknown  Unknown None
    Bartley, Laura 1876 1941 Wife of Charles Bartley
    Bartley, Lucy Unknown Sept.9, 1917 Sister of J. Bartley
    Bartley, Mary Cox Sept.1, 1839 July 9, 1919 Wife of George Bartley
    Bartley, Rushy Oct.1, 1871 June10, 1888 Dau. of G. & M.C. Bartley
    Bartley, Selena Unknown Unknown None
    Bascom, George H. July 31, 1804 June 8, 1877 None
    Bascom, H.R.  Nov.31, 1837 Mar.7, 1867 None
    Bascom, John S. Mar.21, 1850 Mar.21, 1867 None
    Bascom, Margrate C. 1812 Sept.21, 1817 Dau. of G.H. & S. Bascom
    Bascom, Martha A. Sept.13, 1853 Nov.30, 1866 Dau. of H.R. & M. Bascom
    Bascom, Sarah 1797  Sept.11, 1872 Wife of G.H. Bascom
    Bishop, Elizabeth 1806 1882 Wife of John Bishop
    Bradfield, Albert May 4, 1858 May 27, 1867 Son of R. & E. Bradfield
    Bradfield, Edward Aug.1, 1841 Aug.15, 1915 None
    Bradfield, Elizabeth June 20, 1833 Nov.20, 1908 Wife of Reason Bradfield
    Bradfield, Elva M. July 24, 1882 Sept.13, 1882 Dau. of E. & S.J. Bradfield
    Bradfield, Hannah Etta Apr. 1868 June 1868 Dau of R. & E. Bradfield
    Bradfield, John Feb. 1863 Oct.18, 1891 None
    Bradfield, Julia Ann July 25,1845 Aug.10, 1935 Wife of Levi Bradfield
    Bradfield, Levi Mar.7, 1843 Nov.14, 1893 None
    Bradfield, Reason Oct.30, 1834 Sept.5, 1907 None
    Bradfield, Sarah 1803 Sept.20, 1883 None
    Bradfield, Sarah J. Mar.15, 1846 July 24, 1883 Wife of Edward Bradfield
    Bradfield, William Sept.7, 1805 Apr.26, 1862 None
    Bradfield, Willie B. Sept.2, 1873 Mar.16, 1874 Son of R. & E. Bradfield
    Brown, Tobitha 1827 Feb.14, 1849 Wife of Samuel Brown
    Bryant, Anna July 15, 1861 June 11, 1881 Dau. of A. & E. Bryant
    Bryant, Andrew Oct.12, 1825 Aug.27, 1865 None
    Bryant, Beulah 1901 1921 Dau. of J. & R. Bryant
    Bryant, Charlie Mar.15, 1880 Aug.17, 1881 Son on J. & V. Bryant
    Bryant, Emiline Mar.3, 1830 Apr.24, 1899 Wife of Andrew Bryant
    Bryant, Joseph A. 1864  1830 None
    Bryant, Rachel  Aug.31, 1868 Aug.17, 1904 Wife of Joseph A. Bryant
    Bryant, Victoria June 22, 1850 Dec.25, 1889 Wife of J.T. Bryant
    Burks, Floyed Not Readable Nov.25, 1862 None
    Clark, Abraham 1838 1898 None
    Clary, Dee Nov.23, 1896 Feb.21, 1919 Son of W.T. Clary
    Clary, Elizabeth Straughn May 11, 1864 Jan.26, 1905 Wife of W.T. Clary
    Clary, Infants 1901  1905  Sons of W.T. Clary
    Clary, Jennie Bartley 1873 1925 Wife of Clinton O. Clary
    Clary, Walter T. Mar.17, 1860 Jan.28, 1948 None
    Clary, Clinton O. 1870 1934 Brother of W.T. Clary
    Conner, William  Unknown Unknown Uncle of Minnie Burns
    Cornthwaite, Edward Oct.31, 1852 Jun.26, 1894 None
    Cornthwaite, Elmyra Nov.25, 1853 Jun.17, 1926 Wife of  Wm.
    Cornthwaite, Florence 1860 1937 Wife of Isaac
    Cornthwaite, Guy C.  Jan.22, 1812 Feb.2, 1895 None
    Cornthwaite, Infant Apr.24, 1859 Apr.29, 1859 Dau. of J. & S.
    Cornthwaite, Isaac 1858  1917 None
    Cornthwaite, Jennie Jan.5, 1884 Sep.21, 1899 Dau. of I. & F.
    Cornthwaite, John Sep.7, 1835 Apr.16, 1896 None
    Cornthwaite, Lola Frae May 29, 1888 May 7, 1893 Dau. of E. & M.H.
    Cornthwaite, Mary Jun.17, 1809 Nov.3, 1906 Wife of Guy
    Cornthwaite, Mary E. Holmes Jun.8, 1857 Apr.28, 1921 Wife of Edward
    Cornthwaite, Mary J. Jan.4, 1875 Apr.7, 1875 Dau. of  J & S.A.
    Cornthwaite, Sarah A. Dec.20, 1835 Jun.14, 1928 Wife of J.
    Cornthwaite, Warren No Dates No Dates Son of W. & E.
    Cornthwaite, William Apr.13, 1835 Apr.13, 1917 None
    Cox, Alice Dec.25, 1865 Dec.16, 1867 Dau. of J. & P. Cox
    Cox, Elenore Unknown Feb.24, 1865 Wife of James Cox
    Cox, Elizabeth Jul.16, 1830 Sep.22, 1917 Wife of John Cox
    Cox, Emma Myrtle Jan.1, 1881 Jul.20, 1881 Dau. of J. & L.B. Cox
    Cox, Hannah  Unknown Sep.19, 1861 Dau. of J.B. & M. Cox
    Cox, Infant Unknown Jul. 1870 Dau. of J.B. & M. Cox
    Cox, Infant  Unknown Feb.8, 1885 Son of J. & L.B. Cox
    Cox, James Unknown Dec.18, 1864 None
    Cox, James Apr.24, 1844 Aug.9, 1904 None
    Cox, Jennie Unknown 1879 Dau. of J.B. & M. Cox
    Cox, John Jul.18, 1827 Nov.26, 1905 None
    Cox, John Jan.22, 1839 Jan.7, 1924 None
    Cox, Lydia M. Burks Jun. 1839 Sep.18, 1901 Wife of James Cox
    Cox, Marie Dec.12, 1825 Apr.7, 1881 Wife of J.B. Cox
    Cox, Mary Oct.27, 1869 Jul.2, 1905 Wife of Homer Cox
    Cox, Phoeba A. Jun.7, 1839 Feb.5, 1910 Wife of John Cox
    Cox, Warren Jan.2, 1903 Aug.25, 1903 None
    Craft, Amanda Feb. 1855 Jan.26, 1876 Wife of J.M. Craft
    Craft, Anna M.  1844 1926 None
    Craft, Ira Lester Mar.3, 19 Jan.29, 1913 Son of Grover & Barbara Craft
    Craft, John 1862 1944 None
    Craft, Samantha Jun. 1881 Aug.1, 1881 Dau of J.F. & F.C. Craft
    Cramer, Jacob Mar.30, 1866 Feb.25, 1908 None
    Cramer, Margaret 1856 1933 Wife of Alfred Cramer
    Cronk, Elizabeth A. Aug.31, 1836 May 19, 1904 Wife of Wm. Cronk
    Cronk, Ervin Jun.1, 1898 Sep.25, 1900 Son of A.R. Cronk
    Cronk, Grant Unknown Unknown None
    Cronk, William Apr.18, 1826 Jul.29, 1899 Co.C. 63 Reg. Ind. Inf.

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     Name                                  Born                 Died                  Remarks
    Davis, Danny Unknown 1933 Son of Charles Davis
    Davis, Emma Mar.4, 1880 May 28, 1918 Dau. of C.R. & A.M Davis.
    Davis, Frank Feb. 1883 Nov.11, 1950 None
    Davis, Lucinda M. 1884 1954 Wife of Thomas Davis
    Davis, Mamie Jun.10, 1914 Dec.30, 1931 Dau. of
    Davis, Thomas 1880 1953 None
    Davis, William F. Nov.12, 1902 May 17, 1914 Son of C.R. & A.N. Davis
    Ernst, Mahala Jun.1, 1840 Sep.18, 1876 Wife of William Ernst
    Ernst, Oliver Mar,1, 1864 Jun.25, 1877 None
    Finnegan, Ida E. Aug.22, 1861 Sep.23, 1862 Dau. of L. Finnegan
    Fisher, Albert  Unknown Unknown Son of D. & M. Fisher
    Fisher, Charles E. Nov.20, 1856 Dec.20, 1918 Twin Son of C.E. & M.J. Fisher
    Fisher, Charles Apr.7, 1893 Jun.24, 1893 None
    Fisher, Daniel D. Unknown Unknown None
    Fisher, Edward G. 1855  1942 None
    Fisher, Hattie Ethel Jul.29, 1893 Oct.30, 1897 Dau. of R.E. & L.E. Fisher
    Fisher, Hulda L. Nov.22, 1864 Sep.1, 1865 Dau. of L.W. & R.H. Fisher
    Fisher, Infant  Unknown Apr.30, 1900 Dau. of R.E. & L.E. Fisher
    Fisher, Irene Apr.7, 1893 Jul.15, 1893 Twin Dau. of C.E. & M.J. Fisher
    Fisher, Lorenzo D. Oct. 26, 1858 Aug.16, 1861 Son of L.W. & R.H. Fisher
    Fisher, Lucinda 1857 1931 Wife of E.G. Fisher
    Fisher, Margaret Justice Apr.10, 1861 Aug.9, 1931 Wife of Chas. E. Fisher
    Fisher, Mary Ann Apr.24, 1828 Aug.2, 1899 Wife of Daniel D. Fisher
    France, Nevada A. Mar.22, 1864 Mar.29, 1883 Wife of A. France
    Freed, Minnie B. 1873 1950 Wife of Theodore Freed
    Freed, Theodore 1866 1949 None
    Gatt, Florence Jan.25, 1886 Feb. Wife of Gatt, Dau of Levi Marshall
    Gray, Elizabeth Oct.6, 1828 Aug.2, 1889 None
    Gray, Henry Feb.20, 1817 Nov.14, 1865 None
    Hale, Hannah Unknown Sep.15, 1852 Wife of Job Hale
    Hall, Eva 1877 Sep.15, 1881 Dau. of Z. & J.A. Hall
    Hall, Julia Ann Oct.10, 1840 Jan.8, 1918 Wife of Zebedee Hall
    Hawkins, Edward Unknown Unknown None
    Hawkins, Martha  Unknown Unknown Wife of Edward Hawkins
    Hennings, Roll Unknown Unknown None
    Hennings, Susan Unknown Unknown Wife of Roll Hennings
    Humphries, Albert  Oct.17, 1872 Sep.29, 1872 Son of L.B. & R.E. Humphries
    Jacks, Cloa Marshall Oct.10, 1890 Oct.27, 1928 Dau. of J.R. & L. Marshall
    Johnson, Mattie 1886  1956 Wife of Tom Johnson
    Johnson, Tom 1885  1945 None
    Jones, Gertrude Unknown Unknown Dau. of E. & L.B. Jones
    Jones, Ernest Unknown Unknown Son of E. & L.B. Jones
    Jones, Leta Bryant 1887 1928 Wife of E. Jones
    Kilburn, Phillip 1940 1940 Infant son
    Lambert, Aaron M. Sep.28, 1848 Apr.2, 1874 None
    Lambert, Fransis T. Feb.9, 1871 Sep.21, 1876 Son of B.T. & L.J.
    Lambert, John R. Nov.23, 1845 Jan.20, 1870 None
    Lambert, Lucy J. May 26, 1847 Nov.17, 1886 Wife of B.T.
    Lambert, T. Unknown Dec.10, 1881 None
    Lambert, William P. Unknown Dec.22, 1869 Son of J.R. & M.J.
    Lamburt, B.  Unknown Jul.30, 1837 None
    Lamburt, Sally Unknown Oct.1, 1866 Wife of B. Lamburt
    Lamburt, Sarah Jan.15, 1826 Jul.27, 1861 Wife of B.T. Lamburt
    Lamburt, _  Jan.24, 1858 Jul.26, 1859 Son of B.T. & S. Lamburt
    Lawson, Lettie Unknown Unknown None
    Lee, Robert Unknown Unknown None
    Lear, Edward Mar.8, 1870 Aug.1, 1871 Son of W.T.Lear
    Lewis, Infant  Unknown Unknown Son of Harry & Bess Lewis
    Low, Winneann 1829 1863 Wife of Melvin Low
    Marshall, Chester Unknown Unknown Son of E.N. & M. Marshall
    Marshall, Edward G. Jun.18, 1861 Aug.25, 1861 Son of J.C. & H.J. Marshall
    Marshall, Hannah Jane May 7, 1837 Jan.23, 1917 Wife of T.C. Marshall
    Marshall, Infant Apr.7, 1879 Apr.19, 1879 Dau. of J.R. & L.E. Marshall
    Marshall, Infant Jan.30, 1882 Feb.4, 1882 Son of J.R & L.E. Marshall
    Marshall, John D. Unknown Unknown None
    Marshall, John R. Sep.7, 1856 Jun.29, 1909 None
    Marshall, Lavonna E. Jun.12, 1860 Nov.24, 1940 Wife of J.R. Marshall
    Marshall, Leander Aug.16, 1858 Oct.16, 1865 Son of E.N. & M. Marshall
    Marshall, Levi Jan.8, 1862 Mar.15, 1895 None
    Marshall, Lourinda Hixon Feb.20, 1866 Aug.8, 1914 Wife of Levi Marshall
    Marshall, Martha Aug.3, 1833 Sep.2, 1878 Wife of E.M. Marshall
    Marshall, Mary A. Unknown Jul.16, 1872 Son of E.N. & M. Marshall
    Marshall, Maud Mar.21, 1880 Jun.21, 1880 Dau of E.F. & C. Marshall
    Marshall, Millard F. Dec.12, 1858 May 1, 1963 Son of E.M. & M. Marshall
    Marshall, Sarah E. May 3, 1868 Aug.19, 1878 Dau. of T.J. & H.J. Marshall
    Marshall, Theodore C. Oct.9, 1833 May 23, 1908 None
    Marshall, William Mar.2, 1862 Jul.23, 1874 Son of E.N. & M. Marshall
    Marshall, Willie C. Dec., 1872 Aug.25, 1874 Son of T.C & H.J.Marshall
    Marshall,  J. Unknown 1851 Dau. of J. & S. Marshall
    McKown, Alex Gilbert Feb.26, 1919 Sep.18, 1937 None
    McMillin, Charles Oct.2, 1870 Jun.14, 1947 None
    McMillin, Lee Feb.6, 1913 Apr.7, 1933 Son of C.P. McMillin
    Miller, Sherman Unknown 1915 None
    Morgan, Delores Jan.21, 1947 Jan.26, 1948 Dau. of I.M. Morgan
    Ogden, Daniel 1839 1931 None
    Ogden, Farriel  Jun.8, 1898 Jun.20, 1900 Dau. of R.E. & Lottie Ogden
    Ogden, Sarah E. 1839 1908 Wife of Daniel Ogden
    Orlea, Alice Sophronia Apr.30, 1867 Sep.27, 1956 Wife of Philip Orlea
    Orlea, Elizabeth Jun.2, 1932 Jun.2, 1932 None
    Orlea, Philip May 1, 1857 Jan.30, 1935 None
    Pence, Infant  Mar.9, 1883 Mar.15, 1883 Son of Allen  & Leottie Pence
    Pence, Margaret  Mar.5, 1917 Oct.27, 1867 Wife of Peter Pence
    Pence, Peter Dec.1, 1807 May 27, 1887 None
    Prall, Sarah Unknown Unknown Wife of S.C. Prall
    Ritchey, Ruth Sep.29, 1846 Jan.20, 1911 Wife of T.J. Ritchey
    Ritchey, Thomas J. Jan.25, 1941 Apr.10, 1912 None
    Ringstaff, Virginia Aug.22, 1874 Aug.26, 1876 Dau. of W.A. & M.L. Ringstaff
    Roberts, Ida Jane May 15, 1868 Aug.5, 1870 Dau. of A.M. & E. Roberts
    Rogs, William Unknown Jul.29, 1934 Ind. Pvt. 25 Field Art.
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     Name                                  Born                   Died                     Remarks
    Shull, Anna Unknown Apr.14, 1865 Wife of J. Shull
    Shull, Fred Jul.23, 1888 Aug.7, 1911 Son of J & A. Shull
    Shull, John 1858 1953 None
    Simmons, Anderson Unknown Unknown None
    Simmons, Harvey 1890 1956 None
    Simmons, Infant  Unknown 1952 Son of Robert Simmons
    Simmons, Rebecca Ann Unknown Unknown Wife of Anderson Simmons
    Smith, Nancy Sept. 1812 Dec.12, 1853 Wife of William Smith
    Steffy, Alice 1866 1943 Wife of William
    Steffy, Catherine Unknown 1928 Dau of W. & A. Steffy
    Steffy, Hattie 1895 1922 Dau of W. & A. Steffy
    Steffy, Mary Ann 1826 1898 None
    Steffy, Sarah Jane 1964 1892 None
    Steffy, William 1856 1930 None
    Steward, Levia 1842 Jun.23, 1875 None
    Thorneburgh, Mary E. Dec.3, 1850 Feb.14, 1881 Wife of W. Thorneburgh
    Titsworth, Elizabeth Jun.5, 1785 Jun.1, 1845 Wife of Peter Titsworth
    Titsworth, Nancy Jane Jan.6, 1835 Sep.30, 1836? Wife of John Titsworth
    VanCleave, John B. Dec.6, 1825 Apr.28, 1852 None
    VanCleave, Mary E. Jul.14, 1855 Aug.7, 1867 Dau. of J.B. & C. VanCleave
    VanCleave, Sarah Dec.15, 1781 Jul.30, 1851 None
    Walker, Elizabeth E. 1823 Jun.29, 1850 Wife of R.H. Walker
    Walker, George E. Unknown May 20, 1853 Son of R. & E.E. Walker
    Williams, Joseph T. Unknown Dec.10, 1872 Son of M. & T. Williams
    Wilson, Infant  Unknown Dec.11, 1874 Son of J.M. & M. Wilson
    Wilson, Martha Unknown Dec.25, 1836 Wife of J.M. Wilson
    Wilson, Joseph M. May 12,1838 Jun.20, 1885 None
    Wittenmyer, Johnnie 1903 1931 Son of W. & A. Wittenmyer
    Wittenmyer, Amanda Unknown Unknown None
    Wittenmyer, William Unknown Unknown None
    Transcribed from the Rockville Library Cemetery Records Book
    By Michael Woods (1998)
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    West Union Cemetery
    Parke County Indiana, Raccoon Township

    Name                                               Born                              Died                              Remarks

    Woods, Bell Not Known Not Known None
    Woods, Johnakee Not Known Not Known None
    Transcribed from various sources, photographs and on site research
    By Michael Woods (1998)
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