Tivo - the gentle Clydesdale

True to his breeding and the spirit of his race, Altivo is mild and friendly. Fiercely loyal to his friends and diffident toward even his enemies, you can confidently include him among those you trust.

Despite his frequent insistence that he is only a "horse-brain" though, his mind is always working. Tivo takes his time arriving at conclusions, but when he gets there his reasoning is solid and his decision-making abilities are good.

A hopeless romantic, Tivo falls in love easily. Be gentle with him, his heart has been broken and mended many times. He loves to RP, and is especially fond of play in which he can either play the traditional horse and carry a rider, or, in his anthropomorphic form, take the reins into his own gentle hands.

For insight into the player behind the horse, see Altivo's LiveJournal.
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