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2007 Shearing Schedule and Info
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2007 Shearing Schedule and Info

There are no shearing dates left for 2007

Time to start thinking about shearing again!  OutLand Farm is offering shearing services in the Western Washington area.  This is our second season.  Our first year was incredibly successful and busy.  We are pleased to see our returing clients and excited to meet new ones.  Your feedback is always appreciated. 


The following is information concerning our prices and requirements.

  •  We shear alpacas laying down using the Pro-Tie system.  We will shear standing on request.  Llamas are generally shorn laying down.  The average job is 2-3 animals per hour depending on temperament.
  •  We ask that your alpacas be clean, dry and confined upon arrival so that shearing may begin as soon as possible.
  •  Please have one to two helpers available to handle animals and fiber.  If you need extra help, let us know and we will bring someone along.
  • It will be the clients responsibility to gather, sort, and package fiber as each animal is shorn.  Please have your collection bags ready to go.
  • If it rains before your scheduled appointment, please confine the animals to an area where they will stay dry.  If your animals get wet, please call as soon as possible to reschedule so we don't waste a trip to your farm/ranch.  WE WILL NOT SHEAR WET ANIMALS. 

We will treat your animals with respect and care, their well being is our top priority.  Although we try our best to prevent injury to your animals, nicks and cuts can happen.  We carry a good first aid kit for any incidental problems. 


Set up fee: $25.00 per farm

Shearing Fees per Animal:

Alpacas -$35.00 for up to one season of fiber growth

Alpacas- $50.00 for fiber growth over 16 months (animals that haven't been shorn for over a year)

Alpacas- $50.00 for any special requests

Llama -$45.00

Llama- $90.00 for extremely matted fiber or fiber over 6 inches

Nail Trimming -$5.00 per animal

Catching Animals to Shear: $100.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.  This was a problem last year.  We spent a huge amount of time rounding up animals and bringing them to the mat.  We will gladly do it for those of you who would prefer to have us handle the animals.  However, since it sets our schedule back and wears us out, the price has increased significantly.


If you are interested in our shearing services please notify Tracy as soon as possible at 206-409-9333 or so we can put you on the schedule.  Click on the link below to view the calendar and available dates.  Choose a date, then just email your request to me, no need to create a calendar.  Please include your location and how many animals you want sheared.  I will make every effort to update the calendar daily.



2007 Google Shearing Calendar