Conversation By The Coffee Maker.

"Have you noticed anything different about Bill?" Walter holds out his cup to Skippy, who fills it from the pot.

"Like what? He looks normal to me." Both pause to read the notice board.

"Not so much how he looks, but how he acts."

"What do you mean?"

"Like, yesterday, for instance: He practically dashed out of the quarterly planning meeting, and he didn't go to the john, like the rest of them. He ran right outside to the break area."

"All the smokers do that. You can barely keep them in a conference longer than half an hour before their hands start shaking. He did look a little uneasy. Maybe he's trying to quit."

"But Bill doesn't smoke. He went outside and stood under the trees by the reflecting pond. He looked agitated, wandered around the ornamental bushes for ten minutes before he came back in."

"I've been tempted to do that myself. Besides, there isn't any rule that says you've got to stay on the sidewalks."

"Yeah, but you shouldn't chase the ducks."

"Did he catch one?"

"I can't prove it, but there were feathers."

"You're making that up!"

"No, really. He tracked some into his cubicly. He tracked some into his cubicle. Not only that-"


"You know how early I get here in the morning?"

"Too early, if you ask me. What could you possibly need to do before sunrise? Heck, your day's half over before the west coast office even gets there."

"Hey! I just want to make sure I get a parking space. Anyway, yesterday, when I'm driving past shipping, I spotted Bill reaching into a trash bin."

"So what? I snagged half a clean roll of acetate out of those bins once. What did he get?"

"It looked like a half-eaten burrito wrapped in wax paper."

"Gross! What are you going to do about it? Report it?"

"I can't do anything. Look at this note on the bulletin board here:"

Interoffice Memorandum

From: Personnel
To: All Employees

Subject:  Compliance with Recent Legal Decisions on Employee Disability
Employees are reminded that recent legal decisions require that; so long as they do not endanger other workers, It is the policy of this company to provide reasonable accommodation of feral tendencies.

The Management

"I'm still gonna watch him!"

"Me too! Once it starts, you never can tell where it will stop. After all, he's a coyote! Tricky bastards." He chattered.

"Let's not start He chattered.

"Let's not start calling names. See this other memo here…"

The two squirrels walked back to their cubicles, their arched, bushy tails twitching with agitation.