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Here it is, the only visible sign of my furry addiction. Some folks draw, some collect anthropomorphic art or plush animals: I write. This was a natural outgrowth of reading this stuff-I figured that I could do better. I'll have to say this is only partly true. There is an amazing amount of good, free writing out there, if you are willing to hunt for it. Ask me, I'll gladly point out other authors whose work I admire. But first, you've got to tell me what you think of mine, which you'll find below:

Updated 29 December, 2002.  AFIS Chapter 7

Well, Book Four is finally done. After six months of procrastination and doubting I'd ever get this far, here are the last twenty pages of Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space. A lot has gone on in the world in the two years since this story started and many of the original premises have been overwhelmed by current events. I expect that I'll write a few more stories in this universe, but these are probably all the long ones. AFIS "The Second Generation" probably is lurking someplace in my subconscious :)

I'd like to take a moment to thank the small group of dedicated readers who have written encouragement, (especially Serebii, whose pokes have prodded me through some pretty severe bouts of writer's block.) You've all helped.

Please read my stories and tell me what you think.
I'm at: otrstf@earthlink.net

Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space My ever growing furry serial novel. A tale with vixens and starships, two great things that go great together! See what happens when Dave and Marie are abducted by a race of intelligent, (and oh yes, anthropomorphic) foxes, the D’yimyi.
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Book Four Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Short Stories:
Santa's Claws A story about good deeds, giving, and the holiday season. And Stew.
Maybe Ferrets Would Have Been Better Choosing domestic animals has always involved tradeoffs.
Placement A dream interview, with several revealing questions. Why my furcode says T+++; not T++++.
Disclosure She's worried about what he'll do when he finds out about the difference in their ages, among other things.
Perils of Polly Just another coeds-in-danger-on-spring-break story, sort of. They do tell you to use the deadbolt.
Woof! A friend in some difficulty calls for a favor.
Conversation by the Coffee Maker Just some fluff after one too many memos from Corporate.
Red Riding Hood The story behind the story. Also available at Raven's Lair
Humpty Dumpty Gets Smashed Warning: This is bad. Real bad. It actually hurt to write it, but part of that was from laughing too hard. This got as many comments as anything I've done, but most were groans.
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