The Tell-Tale Heart for baritone solo and orchestra (1999)
(Solo cantata/monodrama based on Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart)
Duration: 13’
World Premiere: February 2000, Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY, USA
Brace Negron, baritone / Manhattan School of Music Composers Orchestra

One Movement for orchestra (1997)


Four Nights of Dream

Opera in four scenes
Duration: 90'
Libretto by Moto Osada, after Ten Nights of Dream by Soseki Natsume (English)
Scored for six singers, one dancer, and twelve musicians
World Premiere: July 2008, Vadstena Castle, Vadstena, Sweden
The Vadstena Academy
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Padre Organtino (2000)
Opera in one act


Duo for cello and percussion (2009)
Duration: 16’
World Premiere:
July 2009, The Juilliard School, New York, NY, USA
Haruka Fujii, percussion
Sumire Kudo, cello

Bukuchi U Bukuchi A for piano solo (2008)
Duration: 6’
World Premiere:
August 2008, the Phoenix Hall, Osaka, Japan
Sachiko Kato, piano

Sylvan Lay and Pastoral Air
for marimba solo
Duration: 10’
World Premiere:
July 2007, River to River Festival 2007, New York, NY, USA
Makoto Nakura, marimba
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Porcine Go-go for flute, violin, cello and piano (2005)
Duration: 5’
World Premiere: April 2007,
Capitol, Stockholm, Sweden
The peärls before swïne experience

Three Bagatelles for violin, cello and piano (2005)
Duration: 12’
World Premiere: June 2005, Yamaha Artist Services Piano Salon, New York, NY, USA
Yosuke Kawasaki, violin; Katherine Cherbas, cello; Sachiko Kato, piano

Meditation for solo cello (2004)
Duration: 5’
World Premiere: August 2004, Linköping, Sweden
Beata Söderberg, cello

Kaguyama Dance for viola and piano (2003)
Duration: 11’
World Premiere: February 2004, Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall, New York, USA
The Katz-Shteinberg Duo
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Take the Six for marimba and electronics (2003)
Duration: 12’
World Premiere: September 2003, Nagano, Japan
Mayumi Sekizawa, marimba

Three Nordic Songs for guitar solo (2003)
Duration: 10’
World Premiere: June 2003, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Georg Gulyás, guitar

Mifune for viola solo (2001-02)
Duration: 7’
World Premiere: September 2001, the Israeli Embassy, Washington DC, USA
Shmuel Katz, viola
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Atomotium for piano (2001)
Duration: 7’
World Premiere: October 2002, Donnell Library, New York City, USA
Dmitri Shteinberg, piano
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Shukukonkyoku for solo cello (2001)
Duration: 5’
World Premiere: December 2001, Linköping, Sweden
Beata Söderberg, cello

Three Japanese Songs for solo guitar (2000)
Duration: 8’
World Premiere: August 2000, Fredrikstad, Norway
Georg Gulyás, guitar

JoHaKyu for cello and piano (1999)
Duration: 8’
World Premiere: September 1999, Stockholm, Sweden
Beata Söderberg, cello; Carlos Murakami, piano

Seven Short Pieces for two violins (1995-97)
Duration: 10’
World Premiere: May 1997, New York, USA
Hector Falcón and Alexander Velinzon, violins

Water Songs for soprano and piano (1996)
Text: Chuya Nakahara
Duration: 10’
World Premiere: May 1997, New York, USA
Chiharu Ikeda, soprano; Eric Huebner, piano