Los Angeles Popmart photos added on 7/09/97

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The U2 List
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Welcome to the ICQ U2 list page. This page was designed in order for you to be able to communicate better with U2 fans all over the world. If you have any ideas on how to make this page better please drop me a line. If you would like to be listed on this page please send me an e-mail with your name, nickname, ICQ#, some personal info about yourself, your e-mail addy and your website. I will post it on this site as soon as I get it. If you are into trading boots let me know and I will post that info also. I just came back from the Los Angeles POPMART and all I can say is "WOW!!". Some oldtimers say U2 has sold out. Balderdash! U2 has evolved. I have been following them since their first album and every album is getting better and better. For you oldtimers who want to hear the classics in concert, why don't you dust off your War cd and play it nonstop till doomsday. No whiners on this site please. Just people who realize that they are seeing history in the making. See you all in Dublin or London in August.

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I will be taking a courier flight to London to see U2 in London, Dublin and Edinburgh. If you are interested in learning how to fly as an airline courier and save a lot of money you might want to check out my airline courier page. Plus it has links to many in the trench field reports from other couriers.

Airline Courier Page

***UPDATE 07/07/97

U2 released LNOE on 07/01/97 as a cd single. Get this single!! It has LNOE, a remix of Happiness is a Warm Gun, a remix of Numb and I saved the best part for last. It has POPMUZIK on it!! All 8 minutes and 50 seconds of it. Listening to it makes you feel you are back at the opening of POPMART. A tip of the hat to Jan. I've been so busy lately I missed all the talk about this CD release in WIRE.

***UPDATE 11/19/97

If any of you out there don't have the Sarajevo cd boot I would suggest that you get it. WOW!! That show was incredible. Bono sings Discotheque and starts to cover the Talking Heads. "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around. No ceebee jeebee, no heebee jeebees, I ain't got time for that now. BOOM CHA!! I can't get enough of U2 so I decided that I'll head off to the Great White North and see the final two shows in North America. ETS in Toronto runs tours in association with U2 and I picked up a great package deal from them. $420 US for 2 nights in Vancouver and 3 nights in Seattle in 5 star hotels along with A5 B-stage tickets at BOTH shows!! Give Rick a call and ask for the U2 tour special. There are still some available. If you are going let me know. WIRE members will be having a big party on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.


U2 played (9/23/97) in Sarajevo to a sell out crowd, in a country which was seeing it's first major concert since before the war

Below are some of the songs from that concert in streaming and downloadable Real Audio format.

More songs will be added all the time.



live_sbg.gif - 29.47 K
Countdown To The Final North American POPMART In Seattle

The Dublin 8/31/97 show was an emotional powerhouse dedicated to Princess Diana. When Bono sang MLK "Sleep, sleep tonight" it truly was a very moving moment for U2. It was their best ever Dublin show. If you have never been to a Dublin show before, start saving your money now!!

disco.jpg 11.28 K

This shot was taken by yours truly at the LA Popmart on 6/21/97


Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Personal Info/Remarks/Web Site/E-Mail Language
Antal Szabadi Antika 1734310 Add I like U2, RAP music, BMW, and travelling. I am in Hungary.

Eric Bramowicz AXL 666381 Add I am a big fan probably ever since the war album. I live just south of Chicago. I would love to talk about anything relating to U2 especially pertaining to the zoo tv and popmart tour.

Ai Ai 1098054 Add I love U2 for their intense lyrics and songs. I'm up for anything that has something to do with U2.

Erik Heinz Alpha Strike 2224247 Add

Penny BB 1868054 Add I'm chinese and live in Hong Kong. I'm a new fan of U2. I began to listen to more foreign music and found out those from U2 are great. I would like to find out more by meeting new friends and discussing U2. I hope to see you soon.
Chad Bono 1874911 Add I have been a fan of U2 ever since Joshua Tree, but have become an even bigger fan because of POPMART. I saw them in Foxboro July 2nd and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I collect U2 bootlegs, but won't sell or buy, because it rips of the band.


Mike Vaney Ballymun 2075449 Add I'm a huge U2 fan and collector/trader of U2 merchandise including CDs, vinyl, posters, books, and clothing. I'll trade bootlegs as well, but only good quality CDs or MiniDiscs (no tapes or vinyl). I'm particularly interested in promotional items and am always looking for like-minded fans to trade with.

Jakob Jakobsen Bono Hotboy 1988849 Add U2 are gods to me, and I would love to chat with people that feel tha same way!

Juan Carlos Blues 2419586 Add Love U2, live the lyrics, breath the music

Greg Pejic Corgan 1829438 Add

Adela Benesova Cirilla 3361794 Add I live in Prague, in the Czech republic


Debbi Voisey Debbi 2708511 Add I saw U2 recently in Dublin (both shows) and in Edinburgh. I'd love to have the chance to chat to other U2 fans on ICQ. I am the editor of "The Real Thing" Fanzine


Ehren Stowers Elvis2 2137945 Add I'm an avid fan of U2= keen to meet and talk with other kiwi fans with an eye to organising a pre-pop concert party for when the boys roll into town next year- message me!


Jim Nicholas Frozen1 1084482 Add Canadian U2 fan that came onboard after Joshua Tree and respects four guys who can keep their egos in check for 20 years long enough to become arguably the #1 band in the world. Would be pleased to chat with anyone regarding ZooTV and/or Popmart tours

Mikael Karlsson Fletch 3107689 Add I´m a swedish guy called micke. I was in Gothenburg August 2nd and enjoyed the great show.

Tony Giordano ? 283316 Add
Mallory Knox Girly 1188677 Add

? Galadriel 2100007 Add I live in Lothlorien, Italy and I love all things about U2!!

Giuseppe Giliberti GiUgGiO 3119764 Add

Greg Lunt Homicide 1761118 Add I love U2 and have almost every single one of their albums. From the moment I heard "Where the Streets Have No Name" I was hooked. Long Live U2!!!

Carole Robinson Hollyrio 1742232 Add Saw U2 in Oakland, I am also into mythology and poetry.


Jamie Hayden 2378923 Add hey...what can i say?...i''m me...if you get to know me, you''ll love me. *bright smile*

Jan Hockert itislove 2252220 Add I went to Vegas for their opening concert. I met Larry Mullen's best friend and chief of security at the Luxor. We had a blast. I'll be in Dublin on the 27th of August for the show.

Ifan Hadjar iah 2138192 Add Hi, my name is Ifan. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'd like to get more information about U2..............everything about U2.

Ilan Amir Jezter 576694 Add I live in California and would like to meet as many U2 fans out there as possible. I will be at the Kingdome concert on the final leg. Anyone with JT or ZooTV boots please contact me. I have a lot of stuff to trade.


Kelly Jezabel 1011279 Add I raged at the LA show with my boyfriend, we were 5 feet from the "lemon drop". I own imitations of all of bono's eccentric sunglasses. english
Jerry Sont Jerry 1348603 Add

Julie Donada Julie 2749767 Add Awesome Page!!!! I was at the LA show.

Juliana Couto Juliana 2565832 Add I'm new in ICQ and would love to hear from all U2 fans. I'm 27 and from Brasil.

Hillary Jellocat 2742655 Add I've been a U2 fan since day 1 and remember playing their first ep on college radio many moons ago. I have a huge photo collection of U2 and lots of other stuff, too.


Wayne Kurultai 2131155 Add

Kimberley K2Commit 2146230 Add I attended U2 @ LA, I was pulled by tour personnel and taken to the front row. Standing in front of "Edge" I believe I'm in your photos. Odd looking hat. wild hair. I would pick the "Edge" up any time he has a fall. Photos are great you took.

Katherine Rogozinski kathy 2365794 Add U2 is the best band in the universe!!! If anyone wants to discuss U2 in any way, shape, or form (other than negatively!) email me!!

Khryz Matos Albers Khryz 2488412 Add I'm from Venezuela. I LOVE U2, I LOVE Edge's guitar sound, Larry and Adam are the greatest drummers and bassist is the entire world. I think Bono is really CUTE and his voice is PERFECT! These 4 Irish lads are the coolest people in the universe... and that's why the are the biggest band in the world. I think POPMART is amazing... The people never thought that this could be possible and U2 made this real!

Laura Geraldino Laurita 2104972 Add My name is Laura. I'm from the Dominican Republic and I happen to be a U2 fan, I love them... just think they're great. From all their songs, the one I like the most is "One".

Brian Edwards Miniver 1979011 Add I am a published poet and I enjoy all U2 music and Volkswagens!

Lukasz Czekajewski Muffin 1033050 Add I'm a 24 year guy in Warsaw, Poland that loves everything about U2.

Daniel Köster Midnight 431534 Add A swedish U2 fan since -94, webmaster of U2 world, born -78. I M H O, I think that it´s the lyrics that makes U2 great, there is always two sides (or more) to the texts. Anything else? page me!


Tara Labus - Madam Adam - 3073258 Add Born at the wrong time, unfortunately, to have been music-conscious through U2's entire career -- but, suffice it to say, even though I've only been a fan since 1995, I'm now thoroughly obsessed. ;) Also proud to say that I can now call myself a SooperBassist ... an' my guitar's name is Gloria! *cheers* ";^)


english/ein bisschen deutsch.. ;)
Peter Soldatos MacPhisto 3411216 Add Hi from Greece... I love U2 since I was 12 and I'm looking for ppl who adore U2 as much as I do. Am I the only guy from Greece in this list? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Paul Naughty 1985396 Add I am 30 y.o. married and live in Whyalla S.Australia.

Jon Pisto Oracle 570089 Add I have been to 2 shows on the POP tour. Phoenix and Los Angeles. I have DAT audio boots of Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix and Los Angeles and video boots of Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Salt Lake City and New York for trade. This week (9/4/97) I just got in 2 different videos of the Zootv Dublin 93 show and a CD of the 8/31/97 Dublin Popmart. Look below for the links to my LA concert pictures. I was 3 feet from the B stage.


Keri Schaeffer Ocicats 1584092 Add
Pete pete the chop 2355868 Add "hey, what's up... i love u2, so do you, lets hook up."

Nina del Rosario ? 1790952 Add Big U2 fan from California here. Too stingy to buy popmart tickets but have a long and gruesome history trying to win tickets from radio contests! Argh... well... Bono is god. I'd like more contacts that also/somewhat agree...
Douglas Hardin reggythedog 1912428 Add I live in Arkansas and have been a fan since '82. I have been to the Memphis & Columbus shows and plan on going to the Detroit and St. Louis shows in the fall. Would like to talk to all U2 fans out there. I am looking for POPMART audio & videos. Have lots of ZOO TV and older to trade.

Danilo Oliveira Rattle 2452531 Add ACHTUNG! It's really amazing how U2 surprise and impress us, with their new stuff. It's POP!
Chantal Schall Raspberry 2552491 Add I love U2. U2 and Depeche Mode RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Lewis Rachel 3213707 Add Hi, I am a freshman at Rutgers University. I've been a huge U2 fan since I was 7. I went to Popmart and was completely blown away. I am also a big fan of David Bowie and REM. I LOVE U2!!!!

Lindsay Clayman Supervixen 1557003 Add I'm 16 and from Montreal, Canada...I am looking to meet as many U2 fans on the Net as possible...I'll be attending Popmart on November 2nd in Montreal. Can't wait to hear from ya!

Suzana Suzie 2251413 Add I have no words to express how much I love this band

Melissa Olund Salome 2588529 Add
Suzanne Carroll SOOZ 2358444 Add Surely there must be someone out there who'd like to talk to an Irish U2 fan!

Sandra Corbin spacebaby 2029638 Add LOVE U2!! they're music always LIFTS MY DAYS AND LIGHTS UP MY NIGHTS!!!

Will Thiessen none 1298377 Add wthiesse@freenet.npiec.on.ca

Check out The U2 Zone at:
Jeff Chandler The Edge 1195500 Add I am a huge U2 Fan. I just got back from the Foxboro show on July 2nd. It was great!! I have only been a fan for about five years, but love every album the band has ever produced. I am the Ringmaster of the U2 Webring. If you want to add your site to the U2 Webring the Address is: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/3754/
All you have to do is fill in all the required information.


This is my U2 homepage.
Carmen Messantonio Taz 1575031 Add

Lane The Man in Black 2600693 Add

Trond-Arne Refsnes TAR 1588616 Add

Chris Swenson The Edge 3186799 Add I'm 18 years old, male, and live in New York.

Daria Giannotti UltraViolet 1632811 Add I have loved U2 ever since the first time I heard them. I want to chat with people all over the world who love U2. My favorite song is "One"

Nial Pye yB_delliK [WG] 1811727 Add I have listened and loved U2 since the Joshua Tree. Over the years I have also come to love their older stuff as well. I am desperately waiting their return to Vancouver.


Sergio Fonseca Zooropean 2113349 Add
Tom Throckmorton Zender 2591365 Add

Jason Zone 2811928 Add


*** ATTENTION! I have been getting a lot of requests to be added to the U2 List that have no ICQ number included. Please remember to include your ICQ # and especially your e-mail address when you page me or e-mail me. When I get a request and it says "I love your page, add me" with no e-mail address or ICQ # I cannot even contact you to let you know I need more info. This has happened at least 15 times so far. It would also help to give a one or two line sentence about yourself and also your website address if you have one. Thanks. JP

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Jess and myself patting Bono as he heads for the B stage

me.jpg - 13.38 K

The above shot of my arm and Bono is Copyright 1997 Otto Kitsinger. Do not copy in any way, including: saving, printing, publishing, posting to a web site or a newsgroup. I'm trusting you by not marring the images with notices on the picture; please respect the time and money it took to take these photos. (I will probably honor requests from fans if I'm given credit, but ASK FIRST. Email me.) Link to Otto's shots of Oakland and Los Angeles. These are fantastic!!

"Here's to the future! The only limits are the limits of our imagination. Dream up the kind of world you want to live in, dream out loud, at high volume" - Bono 1/1/90

popmuzik.gif - 65.28 K

Shot of the U2 POP plane 23k

Shot of the U2 POP plane hatch door 30k

Great shot of Bono 3 feet from me looking down from B stage 35k

Edge getting it on in LA!! 61k

U2 exits the lemon and rips into Discotheque 47k

U2 playing Discotheque 85k

Bono singing Miami**This is a beautiful close-up!! 102k

Edge signs my POPMART program in Burbank 6/20/97 68k

Closeup of Edge doing what he does best at LA POPMART 6/21/97 132k

Bono talking with us after the Phoenix sound check. Howie B in background 46k

Bono signs my POPMART program in Burbank 6/20/97 40k

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