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I just finished adding an Airline Courier mailing list to my web site. A friend was kind enough to donate space on her server. Don't freak out when you see the as the domain of the list. I am only allowed one e-mail address at Earthlink. I needed another separate e-mail address for the courier mailing list. BTW, I designed her sight so check it out!!

If you are interested in discussing all aspects of being an airline courier and learning the secrets of traveling the world on a shoestring please feel free to send an e-mail to with the single word SUBSCRIBE in the message's subject field. We will be talking about the best places to stay at your destination along with field reports from others just back from their travels. Basically, just about anything and everything that has to do with airline couriers. Since I started my page I have received many letters thanking me for all this info on my page. One letter told me I had more info than a company he paid money to join!!! Well, join the list and let's all trade info. If you have questions, feel free to post them to the list.

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Great F.A.Q. on how to pack light and travel with one bag

Doug Dyment's great page on how to travel, pack and live out of one carryon bag

Round The World Travel Guide Rated AAA+++ It's that good folks!

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The picture above was taken just outside the airport in Belize City, Belize, Central America.

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The picture above is myself holding a man-eating lizard that tried to attack me as I was gassing up my Honda XL250 at a station about 40 miles from Belize City. Check out the wind blown hairstyle. The other photo is a shot of myself and a friend as we left a pub in London. The one below was shot a few hours earlier near Marble Arch in London. The one below London is a picture of myself in front of "Big Buddha" on the island of Ko Sumui, Thailand. Ko Sumui is about 300 miles south of Bangkok. I just returned from a 16 day Hong Kong, Thailand, and China courier trip on July 8th 1998. Roundtrip LAX to Hong Kong was $100!

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Some Common Questions And Answers

This is a picture of myself sitting on an APC in Moscow. What is an air travel courier? An air travel courier is a person who carries shipping documents on international flights for a courier company, and forfeits his baggage allowance in exchange for a discounted air ticket.

Why do freight companies need couriers? It is cheaper for a courier company to have a person check freight through as luggage than it is for them to ship freight as air cargo. Plus, shipping material as luggage helps it clear customs quicker, instead of sitting for days in customs as cargo often does.

Why be an air travel courier? Traveling as an air courier gives you a chance to see the world! Jet to exotic places you could never afford to see before. Explore the globe and widen your knowledge of the world.

Who can be an air courier? Virtually anybody can be a courier, however some companies require couriers to be at least 21 years old.

What do I give up as an air courier? Usually you are not allowed to check through any baggage, or are allowed just one bag in some cases. You are allowed however, to carry on as much luggage as the particular airline will permit. If you're only acting as a courier on the outbound flight you can check baggage as normal on the return trip.

Where do I sit and what airlines are used? Air courier companies utilize major airlines like TWA United, American, British Airways and other international airlines. You fly like any other passenger in a regular seat in the "tourist" or "coach" section of the aircraft. Couriers have been allowed on occasion to upgrade to first class at their own expense.

Are the tickets one-way or round trip? All tickets are round-trip tickets except in rare cases.

How much do I have to pay, if anything? Usually you save up to 85 percent of the regular airline ticket price. And in some instances you can fly free. The range is all over the board, depending on the season and demand, but the discount is sub- stantial. Recent bargain fares for couriers include trips to the Orient for $250 round-trip, Europe for $99 to $199, South America for $150. During the summer, rates are generally higher than any other time of the year, but you still fly cheaper as a courier than with other discount fares. In short, traveling as an air courier will save you hundreds of dollars on each trip you take. Some courier companies maintain a list of couriers who they can call at the last minute in the event of a cancellation, and let the courier fly free in exchange. Free flights are extremely rare, but super- discounted last-minute flights are more common.

How far in advance do I have to schedule? If you wanted, you could probably be on a flight to some foreign country within 24 hours of receiving our information, especially if you're interested in Central or South America -- or Europe during the winter. Flights to the most popular destinations usually require at least a 2-week advance reservation, especially during the summer when advance booking can be 4 or 6 weeks or more to guarantee a seat. Most people advance book in order to make sure they get the flights they want. When courier companies are short of couriers for particular runs, the price usually starts dropping the closer it gets to the day or hour of takeoff.

How long can I stay where I'm going? The length of stay which is permitted varies according to the ticket. Nearly every flight allows you to stay at least 7 days. Some tickets are for a 7-day trip, other tickets allow you 10 days, 14 days, 21 days and up to 6 months if you desire in some cases. Fixed stays of one week or two weeks are common on the European trips. Oriental and South American flights generally allow longer stays as a rule, and often require no minimum stay.

Where can I fly as an air travel courier? Air travel couriers are needed for flights to every con- tinent except Antarctica. Common destinations include Paris, Rome, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Brussels, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Honduras, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Caracas, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Panama City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Quito, Manila, Montevideo, Melbourne, Sydney, Santiago, and other locations in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

How do I know I'm not escorting contraband? Air courier companies are established firms that deal in legitimate air freight. They have to sign documents which are presented to customs officials when the baggage is checked through. For their protection - as well as yours - you are generally not allowed to touch the baggage. When you arrive at the destination, you generally hand the "manifest" to the agent for the courier company who then takes the material from the baggage claim area and clears it through customs. You are not personally liable for the baggage. Before you make your flight you can verify with the company what precautions they take on behalf of couriers such as bonding and insurance.

Where do I stay when I arrive? You book into a hotel, motel, youth hostel, bed & breakfast inn or with friends and family at your own expense. Once you complete your duties you are on your own and have no need to stay in contact with the air courier company unless you're acting as a courier on the return flight.

Do I have to fly alone? Yes and no. Courier companies usually have just one courier on each flight. But that doesn't mean there is no chance of traveling with a partner. Occasionally you can fly as couriers for different companies on the same day and sometimes on the same airline. Other times, you can arrange to both be couriers on consecutive days. For instance, one of you might fly as a courier to London on Monday, get the hotel and other arrangements in order, and then join up with your partner who flew in from Los Angeles as a courier on Tuesday. Another possibility is that your partner could buy a ticket on the same flight that you're acting on as courier.

Do I serve as a courier on the return trip? Usually. But sometimes just on your flight out.

Do I get to keep my Frequent Flyer Mileage? Yes, except in rare cases.

Where do courier flights originate? In MAY 1997, courier flights were operating from the following gateway cities. All flights are roundtrip. Couriers must get to the gateway cities below at their own expense.

  • Flights also originate from the following foreign cities to points across the globe:
    Auckland, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt, Guatemala City, Lima, Mexico City, Montevideo, Paris, Port of Spain, Quito, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo.

    Some Sample Last Minute Airfares

    NEW YORK-BEIJING--$500: Flight is Sat. Sep 23. 1-90 day stay
    American Citizens are required to have a visa for this flight.
    NEW YORK-MADRID--$150: Flight is Today, Sep 20. 8 day stay
    NEW YORK-DUBLIN--$150: Flight is Today, Sep 20. 8 day stay
    NEW YORK-LONDON--$150: Flight is Today, Sep 20. 8 day stay
    NEW YORK-MADRID:$159: Flight is Thurs., Sep 21. 8 day stay
    NEW YORK-DUBLIN:$159: Flight is Thurs., Sep 21 .8 day stay
    NEW YORK-LONDON:$159: Flight is Thurs., Sep 21 .8 day stay
    NEW YORK-LONDON:$159: Flight is Thurs., Sep 21 .8 day stay
    NEWARK-LONDON:$CALL:Flights are Sep 25,26,27,28,29.
    Returns are Sep 26,27, 28 & 29. On Virgin Atlantic Airways.
    NEW YORK-RIO DE JANEIRO--$300: Flight is Thurs., Sep. 21. 8 day stay
    NEW YORK-BUENOS AIRES--$380: Flight is Sep. 26. 6 day stay
    NEW YORK-RIO DE JANEIRO--$380: Flight is Sep. 26. 7 day stay
    NEW YORK-SAO PAULO--$400: Flight is Sep. 28. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-HONG KONG--$250: Flight is Sep 20. 7-30 day stay
    NEW YORK-HONG KONG--$399: Flights Sep. 26 & 27. 7-30 day stay.
    CHICAGO-HONG KONG--$299: Flights Sep. 21 & 24. 7-30 day stay.
    CHICAGO-HONG KONG--$250: Flights Sep. 21 & 26. 7-30 day stay.
    $100 refundable deposit & $35 first time registration fee
    LOS ANGELES-TOKYO--$100: Flight is Sept. 21. 9 day stay.
    LOS ANGELES-TOKYO--$100: Flight is Sept. 22. 9 day stay.
    LOS ANGELES-TOKYO--$200: Flight is Sept. 24. Return is Oct 1.
    LOS ANGELES-TOKYO--$200: Flight is Sept. 26. Return is Oct 5.
    LOS ANGELES-TOKYO--$200: Flight is Sept. 27. Return is Oct 6.
    LOS ANGELES-TOKYO--$200: Flight is Sept. 29. Return is Oct 9.
    LOS ANGELES-TAIPEI--$200: Flight is Sep 23. Return is Oct 7.OR
    LOS ANGELES-SINGAPORE--$300:Flight is Sep 23. Return is Oct 7.
    LOS ANGELES-LONDON--$CALL: Flights Sep 21,24,25,29 & 30.
    Returns are Sep 21,24,25,29 & 30. Flights on Virgin Atlantic.
    LOS ANGELES-MEXICO--$200: Flight is Sep 21. up to 30 day stay.
    MIAMI-LA PAZ--$400:Flights are Sep. 21 & 23. 7-21 day stay.
    MIAMI-BUENOS AIRES--$400:Flight is Sep. 21. 7-21 day stay.
    MIAMI-GUATEMALA--$150:Flight is Sep. 21. 4-30 day stay
    MIAMI-SANTIAGO--$350:Flight is Sep. 28. 4-30 day stay

    The following flights are from late August 97

    CHICAGO-HONG KONG:-$200:Flight is Sep. 6. Call for staytime.
    CHICAGO-HONG KONG:-$475:Flights Sep. 9-13. Call for staytime.
    NEW YORK-BRUSSELS-$378: Flight is Aug. 28. 7 day stay.
    NEW YORK-MADRID-$428: Flights Aug. 28,30. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-MADRID-$428: Flight is Sep. 2. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-HONG KONG-$250:Flight is Sep. 3. 7-30 day stay.
    NEW YORK-HONG KONG-$250:Flight is Sep. 5. 7-30 day stay.
    NEW YORK-BUENOS AIRES-$460:Flight is Aug. 30. 9 day stay OR
    NEW YORK-SANTIAGO-$460:Flight is Aug. 30. 9 day stay.
    NEW YORK-BUENOS AIRES-$460:Flight is Sep. 8. 9 day stay OR
    NEW YORK-SANTIAGO-$460:Flight is Sep. 8. 9 day stay.
    NEW YORK-MONTEVIDEO-$460:Flight is Sep. 15. 9 day stay.
    NEW YORK-BUENOS AIRES-$460:Flight is Sep. 30. 7 day stay OR
    NEW YORK-MONTEVIDEO-$460:Flight is Sep. 30. 7 day stay.
    NEW YORK-SAO PAULO-$300:Flight is Sep. 1. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-SAO PAULO-$350:Flight is Sep. 6. 13 day stay.
    NEW YORK-SAO PAULO-$395:Flight is Sep. 8. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-SAO PAULO-$395:Flight is Sep. 10. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-RIO-$405:Flight is Sep. 4. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-RIO-$405:Flight is Sep. 9. 7 day stay.
    NEW YORK-RIO-$405:Flight is Sep. 11. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-CARACAS-$200:Flight is Sep. 6. 14 day stay.
    NEW YORK-CARACAS-$200:Flight is Sep. 18. 8 day stay.
    NEW YORK-CARACAS-$200:Flight is Sep. 20. 14 day stay.
    LOS ANGELES-SINGAPORE-$295-:Flight is Aug. 30. Returns Sep. 11.
    LOS ANGELES-SINGAPORE-$395-:Flight is Aug. 31. Returns Sep. 12.
    LOS ANGELES-MANILA-$295-:Flight is Aug. 28. Returns Sep. 11.
    LOS ANGELES-MANILA-$295-:Flight is Aug. 29. Returns Sep. 12.
    LOS ANGELES-MANILA-$295-:Flight is Aug. 30. Returns Sep. 13.
    LOS ANGELES-HONG KONG-$295-:Flight is Aug. 30. Returns Sep. 11.
    LOS ANGELES-MANILA-$350-:Flight is Aug. 30. 2 week stay.
    SAN FRANCISCO-MANILA-$200-:Flight is Aug. 28. Returns Sep. 11.
    MIAMI-GUATEMALA-$280:Flights Aug. 26,27,28,29. 4-30 day stay.
    MIAMI-QUITO-$250:Flights Sep. 11,15,17,30. 4-30 day stay.


    TORONTO--LONDON-$450:Flight is Friday Sep 22. Return is Oct 6
    LONDON-SINGAPORE--Call :Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-PHILADELPHIA--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-LISBON--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-LANARCA--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-DUBAI--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-NEW YORK--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-KUALA LUMPUR--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-HARARE--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.
    LONDON-BUENOS AIRES--Call:Flight is Sep 20. 1-6 week stay.

    A couple of summers ago, I wanted to fly to a new country and I was on a budget. Someone recommended that I check out courier flights. As a result of my research and travels, I flew to Hong Kong, Hawaii, Australia, and Florida for free, earned 50,000 frequent flyer miles, and netted $24 from my flights.

    I discovered the following facts about courier companies. They ship goods using commercial airlines, by booking a normal passenger seat on a typical flight. Then they hire a courier by selling the seat at a drastic discount. They fly only to international locations; there are no courier flights within North America.

    A courier company can sell an airline seat for a discount, because they make a large profit on the parcel shipping. Their clients use them because goods clear customs quicker when accompanied by a passenger on a commercial flight. You can fly to exotic international locations for less as a courier.

    There is no typical courier profile. Many couriers are retired people, but many are young people too. Teachers and students become couriers during their school breaks. Also, couriers can reserve their flights several months in advance or on the same day. People who can travel at the last minute may be able to get courier flights for less than $100 or maybe free.

    Some basic rules are that there is only one courier seat per flight, you can only bring carry-on baggage, and you must follow company restrictions. If you wish to fly with someone, they would need to be a regular passenger, use frequent flyer miles, find another courier company with a seat on the same flight, or fly on consecutive days or flights.

    You can only bring carry-on baggage, since your check-in space is being used for the company parcel. You can skirt this rule by having another passenger check your baggage or pay the extra piece charge. The courier company will also have a few basic rules that all couriers must abide, such as to be on time, to look presentable, and place a refundable deposit.

    At the time I flew, Northwest Airlines had a promotion of 5,000 bonus frequent flyer miles each way for trans-Pacific flights. So, I decided to fly to Hong Kong, since the frequent flyer miles earned on the flight, over 25,000, would give me a free flight in North America.

    My flight was $350, which included a stop in Seoul, South Korea on the way to Hong Kong and in Tokyo on the return flight. They accepted Mastercard/Visa and required a $500 deposit, which they returned a couple of weeks after the completion of the trip.

    After confirming my reservation through their travel agent, I was able to call the airline to verify my reservation and request a seat assignment. Calling the airline, along with using a credit card, really helped ease my fears about the legitimacy of the operation.

    I arrived at the airport three hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight, as required by the instructions. My instructions also included checking in at a specific Northwest Airlines counter. The agent checked my passport, verified my seat assignment, and told me that someone would show up soon. I waited about 20 minutes until my courier contact appeared.

    The courier contact gave me a manila envelope that included the shipment manifest and name tags for me to wear in Seoul and Hong Kong, so that their representatives could easily identify me. In Seoul, I unloaded the seven boxes that I "accompanied" and tried to clear them through customs. Customs did not clear them, but I found out that that is the usual procedure.

    The courier in Seoul took the manifest, then drove and checked me into a downtown hotel. The courier company paid for the hotel in Seoul. I converted $20 and had dinner close to the hotel. The next day, I took a taxi to the airport, flew to Hong Kong, and met another company representative. He told me to call their office two days before my return flight.

    When I called eight days later, they told me to be at the Northwest Airlines information counter 2 1/2 hours before my return flight. That representative collected the departure tax (about $20), my passport and ticket, and checked me in. He told me that he had no documents for me to give to the courier company, so I had no responsibilities for the return trip.

    The Tokyo to Los Angeles flight was overbooked and I volunteered to be bumped. In exchange for taking a later flight, I received a check for $400, a $600 travel voucher, and dinner at the Tokyo airport. Northwest could not put me on one of their flights that day, so they put me on a half empty Singapore Airlines flight.

    The following summer, I flew to Hawaii and Australia for $26, using the $600 travel voucher. The flight to Hawaii was overbooked and I got bumped. This time I only got a free domestic ticket, which I used to go to Florida the following fall, and a flight on a half empty Delta plane. I unsuccessfully tried changing my return flight from Australia to another overbooked plane.

    I spent $376 ($350 for the courier trip and $26 for the Australia trip) and received $400 (from the Tokyo to Los Angeles leg). This is how I netted $24 from my flights. In addition, I earned frequent flyer miles for all except the Florida flight. In total, I received over 40,000 Northwest frequent flyer miles and 10,000 miles for the Singapore and Delta Airlines flights.

    Go to the IAATC Web Site
    If you are serious about flying as a courier I cannot give any higher recommendations to IAATC's web site. These guys publish a current list of all the courier companies in the world along with a daily FAX and Telnet service to update you about all the latest last minute fares and specials that are available. If you are flexible enough to be able to fly on 12/24/48 hour notice you will get some real bargains and maybe some free trips to places you have never been before. Here is a clip from their page.

    AIR COURIER BULLETIN UPDATES One of the most exciting things we do at the IAATC is provide daily updates on Air Courier availabilities -- called last-minute or late-list flights. This is where you find those famous $100 to $200 roundtrip flights that get posted because a courier is needed on short notice. Sometimes they cost more than that, sometimes they are less, but they're almost always a fantastic deal and it is lots of fun to watch the changes day by day. The list is posted at approximately 12 noon and 3 p.m. Eastern Time each and every weekday, excluding holidays. This list can only be accessed by members with a valid member number. Members can pull the list four ways: . . . 1) FAX: Dial (561) 582-3829 . . . 2) BY COMPUTER: Have your modem dial (561) 582-0425 . . . 3) VIA INTERNET: Telnet to . . . 4) BY PHONE: Call us and have your member number ready and we'll tell what's happening over the phone. We're working on writing a program that will allow us to post the list here and still maintain member security. The International Association of Air Travel Couriers 8 South J Street - PO Box 1349 Lake Worth, FL 33460 U.S.A. Tel: (561) 582-8320 / Fax: (561) 582-1581 e-mail: telnet:


    We track every courier company in the world that allows members of the general public to fly as their couriers. We monitor the routes and serve as a resource for people who want to travel cheaper by flying courier.


    Couriers can get more detailed travel information and correspond with other couriers via a 24-hour online computer system for courier travel. We provide a custom dialing disk, or couriers can use their own communications program to dial us direct. Members can also connect via the internet if they telnet to


    One of our missions as an organization is to lobby courier shipping firms to use members of the general public whenever possible as their couriers on overseas courier routes. To achieve this end, we endeavor to provide courier companies with a responsible, professional and educated couriers. By working to help raise industry standards, and by acting as a safety net with the courier as a consumer, we actively promote courier travel as an alternative method of transportation to see the world.


    Approximately 35,000 to 40,000 roundtrip courier flights will take off from the U.S. in 1997. The number of available flights has grown at a rate of about 25 percent over the past three years. We track another 45,000 roundtrip courier flights that depart from overseas locations for which American travelers are eligible. The most spectacular growth in new courier routes is to Asia and in and around the Orient. Flights have also increased to South America and from the U.S. to London and from Europe to points outside the continent. Country-to country flights within the continent of Europe dwindled during 1994 due to the easing of international shipping restrictions between European Union countries. However, we have noticed that a trend toward more intra-European courier flights is developing despite looser government regulations. Couriers are not needed on domestic flights within the U.S.


    Membership in the International Association of Air Travel Couriers is available for a yearly registration fee of $45.
    The fee entitles members to telephone support, 24-hour access to our last-minute FAX-ON-DEMAND system, TRAVEL ONLINE (our online computer system for couriers), and bi-monthly subscriptions to The Shoestring Traveler and the Air Courier Bulletin.

    The International Association of Air Travel Couriers
    8 South J Street - PO Box 1349
    Lake Worth, FL 33460 U.S.A.
    Tel: (561) 582-8320 / Fax: (561) 582-1581

    Field Reports From Other Airline Couriers
    This page has in the trenches reports from couriers all over the world about their flights and their travels while abroad. Highly recommended site to give you a feel for what it's actually like to fly as a courier. The couriers give lots of tips on where to stay and where to eat.

    Air Courier Directory 
                   New York
                   Courier Travel Service 800-922-2359, 516-791-4600,
                   718-244-0101 or phone (718) COURIER for last minute,
                   "hot line" availabilities. World-wide but mainly to Europe.
                   Some to Asia. One week stays. No fee. Hours 9:30 - 5:00
                   Discount Travel International (DTI) 169 West 81st
                   Street New York, NY 10023 (212) 362-3636 (212)
                   362-3236 (Fax) Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul,
                   Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo No Annual fee. DTI books
                   couriers out of Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles 
                   East-West Express 149-35 177th Street Jamaica, NY
                   11434 (718) 656-6246 (718) 656-6247 (Fax) Bangkok,
                   Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo Call at least
                   2 months in advance to book. 
                   Halbart Express 147-05 176th Street Jamaica, NY
                   11434 (718) 656-8279 (718) 656-8189 (718) 244-0559
                   (Fax) Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Singapore,
                   Taipei, Tokyo Flexible stay of from 7 to 21 or 28 days.
                   Call three to six weeks in advance to book. 
                   Jupiter Air, Ltd. (MICOM America, Inc.) Building #14
                   JFK International Airport Jamaica, NY 11430 (718)
                   656-6050 (718) 656-7263 (Fax) New York to Hong Kong
                   and Singapore (requires an overnight stay in Tokyo, they
                   pay for the hotel) If you're going to Singapore, must
                   return on a Monday or Wednesday. $35 one-year
                   membership fee, valid for travel from any of Jupiter's U.S.
                   Now Voyager 74 Varick Street, Suite 307 New York, NY
                   10013 (212) 431-1616 (212) 334-5243 (Fax) 10:00 a.m.
                   to 5:30 p.m. weekdays, 12:00 to 4:30 p.m. Saturdays.
                   Recorded information about flight availability, fares, and
                   policies and procedures 24 hours a day. Bangkok, Hong
                   Kong, Manila, Singapore, Tokyo $50 annual registration
                   fee. Now Voyager is a broker offering courier and
                   non-courier flights. 
                   Air Courier Association 191 University Boulevard, Suite
                   300 Denver, CO 80206 (303) 279-3600 (303) 278-1293
                   (Fax) Excellent courier broker, offers Air Courier
                   Operations Manual, Courier Hotline, world-wide courier
                   schedules, and newsletter. $30 lifetime membership fee.
                   Annual dues of $28. 
                   Los Angeles 
                   Courier Flights International 12860 Beach Boulevard,
                   Suite G#403 Stanton, CA 90680 (714) 539-3807 $59 a
                   year membership fee. A courier broker. Call for
                   International Bonded Couriers (IBC-Pacific) 1595 East
                   El Segundo Boulevard El Segundo, CA 90245 (310)
                   607-0125 (310) 607-0126 (Fax) Bangkok, Hong Kong,
                   Manila, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo Call between 9 a.m. and 4
                   p.m. PST, Tuesday through Friday and request a packet
                   of information about their policies and procedures. 
                   Johnny Air Cargo 203 South Vermont Avenue Los
                   Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 386-7080/7263 (213) 386-7277
                   (Fax) Filipino-owned cargo service offers flights to Manila
                   three or four times a week on Korean Airlines. 
                   Jupiter Air, Ltd. (MICOM America, Inc.) 6733 Sepulveda
                   Boulevard Suite 170 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)
                   670-5123 (310) 649-2771 (Fax) Hong Kong, Seoul,
                   Singapore. $35 one-year membership fee, valid for travel
                   from any of Jupiter's U.S. locations. $200
                   return-guarantee deposit required for all flights. Length of
                   stay 7-30 days. Reserve 2-3 months in advance.
                   Polo Express (310) 410-6822 Flights to Hong Kong,
                   Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Bangkok. No deposit,
                   no fee. Two week minimum stay, except in Australia (3
                   weeks). Reserve 6 weeks to 3 months in advance.
                   World Travel and Tours (213) 384-1000 Korea 
                   San Francisco
                   International Bonded Couriers (IBC-Pacific) 1595 East
                   El Segundo Boulevard El Segundo, CA 90245 (310)
                   607-0125 (310) 607-0126 (Fax) Flights to Bangkok from
                   San Francisco, booked through IBC's Los Angeles office.
                   (See entry under Los Angeles) 
                   Jupiter Air, Ltd. (MICOM America, Inc.) 90 South
                   Spruce Avenue, Suite I South San Francisco, CA 94080
                   (415) 872-0845 (415) 871-4975 (Fax) Bangkok, Manila,
                   Singapore. (See entry under Los Angeles) 
                   Piece of Mind 639 Bush Street, Suite 25 San Francisco,
                   CA 94108 (415) 956-8425 (phone and Fax) Bangkok,
                   Jakarta, Singapore. All departures are from Los Angeles.
                   Polo Express 811 Grandview Dr. South San Francisco,
                   CA 94080 (415) 742-9613 For information send SASE.
                   (See entry under Los Angeles)
                   TNT San Francisco (415) 692-9600 Hong Kong. Call
                   afternoons only.
                   UTL Travel 320 Corey Way South San Francisco, CA
                   94080 (415) 583-5074 (415) 583-8122 (Fax) Represents
                   several courier companies that fly between San
                   Francisco and Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, and
                   Singapore. $100 return-guarantee deposit required for all
                   F.B. On-Board Courier Service (Vancouver) 4871 Miller
                   Road, Suite 107E Richmond, British Columbia V7B 1K8
                   (604 278-1266 (604) 278-5367 (Fax) Hong Kong from
                   Vancouver or Toronto. 
    Some books about flying as a courier include:
       o  The Air Courier's Handbook, $9.95
          Big City Books, PO Box 19667, Sacramento, CA 95819
       o  The Courier Air Travel Handbook, 1993, $7.95.
          Mark I. Field, Thunderbird Press, 5930-10 W. Greenway Road, 
          Suite 112B Glendale, Arizona 85306 USA
       o  A Simple Guide to Courier Travel, $15.95
          Guide Books, PO Box 2394, Lake Oswego, OR 97035
       o  The Insiders Guide To Air Courier Bargains
          1-800-356-9315. $14.95 + $2 p&h.
          Kelly Monaghan. 
          Inwood Training Publications, Box 438, New York, NY 10034.
       o  The Air Courier Guide Handbook, 5.99 pounds sterling
          John Walker Books, 160 Cromwell Road,  LONDON SW5 0TL
       o  Directory of Freelance On Board Couriers, $9.95 Canadian.  
          The Inside Track Travel Group, British Columbia, 604-684-6715.
       o  Travel Unlimited, $25/year, 12 issues (8 pages each issue)
          Attn: Steve Lantos, PO Box 1058, Allston, MA 02134-1058

       o  International Association of Air Travel Couriers
          $35 registration fee, gets you six copies of the Shoestring
          Traveler newsletter and six issues of the Air Courier Bulletin
          Run by Bill Bates.
          International Association of Air Travel Couriers
          International Features
          PO Box 1349
          Lake Worth, FL 33460
          Tel: 407-582-8320
          (Street address is 8 South "J" Street, Suite 3, Lake Worth.)
    Courier Agencies in New York:
       Able Travel and Tours                212-779-8530                  
            Paris, London
       Air Facilities                       718-712-0630                  
            South America
       ACC                                  212-983-0855, 800-983-0856
       Courier Network                      212-691-9860                  
       Courier Travel Service               516-763-6898, 516-374-2261 (fax)
                                            516-374-2299, 212-836-1989
                                            718-244-0101, 718-COURIER
            Worldwide, but mainly to Europe. Some to Middle East, Asia, and
            South/Central America. 1 week stays. No fee. Hours 09:30-17:00
       Discount Travel International (DTI)  212-362-8113/3636
            To Mexico, South America, Asia, and Eastern and Western Europe.
            169 W. 81st Street, New York, NY 10024
       East-West Express                    516-561-2360
            To Singapore, Asia, and Australia.
       Halbart Express                      718-656-8189/8279
            New York to Europe only.        or 718-995-7019
            10am-3pm only
            147-05 176th Street, Jamaica, NY 11434.
       IBC                                  718-262-8058.
       Jupiter Air                          718-341-2095, 718-656-6050
            New York to Hong Kong and Singapore.
       Now Voyager, Inc.                    212-431-1616
            74 Varick Street, Suite #307, New York, NY 10013.
            Europe. Call between 10:00-16:30 M-F, 12-4:30 Sa, recorded
            message other times. Charges $50 registration fee.
            Major cities in US, routed through NY. Payment via certified
            check, money order, or credit cards (3% processing fee).
            Tickets are on standby. FedEx's the tickets to your address.
            You courier both ways.
       Rush Courier                         718-439-9043
            Puerto Rico
       World Courier                        718-978-9400, 718-978-9552/9408
            9am-noon only. Requires personal interview in New York.
            Does not fly to Paris. Flies mostly to Europe and Mexico.
    Courier Agencies in Miami:
       A-1 International                    305-594-1184
            To Venezuela
       Air Facilities                       305-477-8300
       DTI                                  305-538-1616
       Halbart                              407-483-8832,305-593-0260
            To Europe.
       IMS Courier Service                  305-771-7545
            To Jamaica
       Line Haul Services                   305-477-0651
            To Latin America, Central and South America
       Martillo Express                     305-681-6979
       Trans Air Systems                    305-592-1771
            To Central and South America
       Travel Courier                       718-738-9000
    Courier Agencies in Chicago:
       TNT Chicago                          312-453-7300 (area code 708?)
           To Mexico and London.
       [doesn't seem to exist anymore?] 
    Courier Agencies in LA:
       City Link                            213-410-9063
           [doesn't seem to exist anymore?]
       Crossroads International             213-643-8600
            3pm-5:30 pm
           [doesn't seem to exist anymore?]
       IBC Pacific                          310-607-0125, 415-697-5985
            9am-4pm T-F. Asia, Australia.
       Jupiter Air                          310-670-5123
           Flights to Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea (Seoul).
           $200 deposit required for all flights. $35/year membership required .
           Max stay 30 days, one-week minimum for Seoul. Reserve 2-3 months
           in advance.
       Midnight Express                     310-673-1100
           Flies only to London.
       Polo Express                         310-410-6822
           Flights to Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and Bangkok.
           No deposit, no fee. 2-week stay, except in Australia (3-weeks).
           Reserve 6 weeks to 3 months in advance.
       SOS Intl Courier                     310-649-6640
       Way to Go                            213-466-1126/1166
           6679 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90028
           Flights to Far East (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur,
           Penang, and Singapore), with some flights to Mexico and London.
           $75/year membership fee. San Francisco office 415-292-7801;
           San Diego office 619-224-0252.
       World Travel & Tours                 213-384-1000
    Courier Agencies in San Francisco:
       Gateway Express                      415-344-7833
           111 Anza Blvd. #418 Burlingame, CA 94010
       Jupiter Air                          415-872-0845, 415-872-6506
           Flights to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Manila.
       Polo Express                         415-742-9613
           Flights to Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and Bangkok.
           No deposit, no fee. 2-week stay, except in Australia (3-weeks).
           Reserve 6 weeks to 3 months in advance. For info send SASE to
           Polo Express, 811 Grandview Dr., South San Francisco, CA 94080.
       TNT San Fransisco                    415-692-9600
            Call afternoons only. Hong Kong.
       UTL Travel                           415-583-5074
           Flights to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Manila.
       Way To Go                            415-292-7801
           Asia, London, Mexico
       Line Haul Express                    (0973)-258-700
    Buenos Aires:
       Air Facility                         (1)-3220-7720
       F.B. On Board Couriers (Montreal)    514-633-2677
              Courier travel to London, England. Call 9am-Noon EST for info.
           Located in Montreal but also serves Toronto.
       F.B. On Board Couriers (Toronto)     416-675-1820
           Cargo only.
       F.B. On Board Couriers (Vancouver)   604-278-1266
           Courier travel to Hong Kong from Vancouver.
       Jet Services                         514-331-7470
      Line Haul                             +49 69 69793260
         Located in Frankfurt/Main. Flights to Hong Kong, Sydney, and possibly
         other destinations.
    Hong Kong:
       Bridges Worldwide                    (03)-305-1413
          London, Sydney, US, Asia
       Great Bird Courier                   (03)-332-1311
          Honolulu, Tokyo, Taipei
       Intl Courier Travel                  (03)-718-1332
       Jupiter Air                          (05)-735-1886, (05)-735-1946
          Asia, US, Sydney
       JNE                                  (03)-736-8678
       Line Haul Express                    (03)-735-2167, (03)-735-2163
          London, Asia, Vancouver
       Polo Express                         (03)-303-1286, (03)-303-1287
          Asia, LA, Sydney
       Wholepoint                           (03)-718-0333
       Courier Travel Service               (0181)-844-2626, (0171)-351-0300
       F.B. On Board Courier                (0175)-368-0280                  
       Line Haul Express                    (0181)-759-5969
    Paris:  To New York
       Halbart Express                      (01)-45873230
       Jet Services                         (01)-48626222
    Rio de Janiero:
       Air Facility                         (021)-252-9597
       Jupiter Air                          (02)-655-6024
    Sydney, Australia:
       Courier Travel Service               (02)-698-3753 
       Intl Courier Travel                  (02)-317-3193
       Jupiter Air                          (02)-317-2113, (02)-317-2230 
           London, Asia, Auckland
       Polo Express                         (02)-693-5866
           Los Angeles, Auckland
       Jupiter Air                          (02)-551-2198
       Line Haul Express                    (02)-731-5367
       Line Haul Express                    (03)-376-98354

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