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What Started Pasteurization? 
by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Nutritional Scientist/Nutritionist/Author

A French crystal-chemist by the name of Louis Pasteur, who was born in 1822 and died in 1895, suddenly became famous because he saved the wine and beer industries from devastation. During a period in Europe when molds were affecting wine crops, Pasteur invented a heat process that saved the wine from complete financial failure. By heat processing, he stopped the fermentation and growth of molds in wine, thereby preserving much of the taste, although low quality, and lengthening the shelf life. Pasteur extended this process to the beer industry. Louis Pasteur derived his livelihood from the sale of wines and beer. Pasteur was neither a doctor or biochemist. He was given an honorary doctorate to make popular the false allopathic theory that shouted:Disease is the result of bacteria. On his death-bed, Pasteur confessed that his and the allopathic bacteria theory was all wrong and that disease was the result of a toxic environment; bacteria were simply the symptom of degenerative tissue and a healthful response of the body to remove the degenerative tissue. 

Later, the dairy companies found that they could do the same thing with milk that was due to sour.Thus, increasing their profits, by making it possible for them to sell a product that would become less desirable. Less desirable not because soured milk is bad or harmful, but less desirable because mixing it with other foods made everything taste like soured milk. Raw milk never putrefies, it only sours, as in digestion. Pasteurized milk, however, putrefies. 

By 1935, an official in a small dairy in a small town in Minnesota, saw the potential of a scheme to curb the market in milk sales. His name was George Pushing, who said, "We can buy the milk that dairy farmers cannot sell by themselves, and by applying heat at a 155 degrees Fahrenheit, even reject milk, will keep for two weeks." He was appointed milk inspector, a great conflict of interest. From drinking his pasteurized milk, later in his life he contracted rheumatoid arthritis, a degenerative disease, that manifested itself in his spine. 

George Pushing, confided in Carlet Hoff, that he learned of that "x-ingredient" in RAW milk, that could have prevented rheumatoid arthritis. Before Pushing died, he admitted that the heat process was only an economic ploy to curb the milk market.Little did he know, that the very purpose for his job backfired in a very devastating manner. There are many degenerative diseases attributable to the lack of vitamins and minerals. Heat treatment causes many conditions including Lactose intolerance, indigestion and colonary malfunctions.

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