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Raw Milk Is The Only Healthy Milk, Why Has It Been Outlawed? 
by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Nutritional Scientist/Nutritionist/Author, and Retired Raw Dairy Farmer Carlet Hoff

There is too little known among the general public about the benefits of raw milk, even though raw milk was the foster mother of mankind. Controversial seems to be a week adjective when considering the vehement rhetoric of individuals who lash out against it from miseducation and fear. The bacteria-phobia has no empirical base. There has been no clinical tests studying people drinking raw milk, that contains feared bacteria, to prove or disprove the theory that pathogens finding their way into raw milk can cause ill effects in humans drinking it. Even vegetative nutrients found in raw milk have been falsely blamed for ill effects. The crusade against raw milk has been lethal to the empirical evidence that raw milk and raw milk products are probably the most nutritious food most people can consume.

Pasteurizing milk, which is the process of cooking milk at a minimum 155 degrees F. for at least 15 seconds, gained popularity when farmers didn't have the technology to produce, package and deliver all their raw milk fresh. Pasteurization LENGTHENED the SHELF LIFE of milk. Suddenly, farmers were able to hold and transport their milk instead of dumping it or feeding it to the hogs. Until then the primary focus of milk was that it was a healthful food. With pasteurization, milk became a commodity, an economic issue, that generated Hollywood-like unscientific horror stories about raw milk spreading diseases.

For years health-minded individuals, teachers, professors, politicians and even doctors fought the battle against pasteurization of milk because of the obvious weakening effects it had on humans and animals who were fed pasteurized milk. The destruction of the nutritional properties was evident in the results. Early in the battle, several countries outlawed the feeding of pasteurized milk to infants. Not only does pasteurization destroy the major proportion of vitamins, enzymes and minerals, it creates contaminants, such as transitional lipid oxides and protein toxins. Pasteurized milk cannot maintain the biological antibodies and enzymes present in raw milk, some of which can prevent a large variety of diseases, including cancer. 

The campaign by large financial interests, greedy people, focused on making the dairy business huge by centralization eventually scared people into believing that pasteurization destroyed the great bacterial enemies of health that swarmed in raw milk. They pointed to bacteria and said, See what awful bacteria is in raw milk? They, of course, did not reveal that raw milk has enzymes and lactic acids that prevent bacteria from pathogenic activity. They did not reveal that the same feared bacteria enters pasteurized milk, and that the bacteria grows quicker and becomes harmful because it is fed on the mutations and contaminants caused by pasteurization. They did not reveal that they would sell dirty milk while telling people that is was safe because harmful bacteria were destroyed in pasteurization. With pasteurization, milk contaminated with bovine fecal matter and bovine disease could be sold as long as it had been pasteurized. The bacteria-destruction campaign rampaged. People were frightened and brainwashed into believing that pasteurization could save them from anything harmful. These beliefs are the misconceptions of the majority of society today.

How many of us are willing to drink cooked puss from diseased cows and cooked cow dung? Even if milk is clean, how many of us, if we understood, would drink milk destroyed of the majority of its nutrients, and toxic with pasteurized contaminants that promote disease? Would you go to a car dealer expecting that the wrecked car will perform as well as the new and not give you problems?

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