George H. Thomas, Major General U.S.A. "The Rock of Chickamauga," - "The Sledge of Nashville."
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I received the following note from John & Linda Gleason, dtd. April 15th, 2004.  Many thanks for the info and correction.
I was looking at your photos and noticed an error in one of your captions. General Thomas grave is in the  Kellogg family plot on the Oakwood Cemerery in Troy NY not Rochester.
His wife Frances refused an offer from General Sherman to have him inured at West Point or in New York City. as she planned to return to her home in Troy and wanted her husband to be near her. I think there was more to it than that however as I am sure she knew the relationship between her Husband, Sherman and Grant. This was her way of having the final say in her Husbands life and career. I wish some letters survived that would confirm this. I believe she destroyed them all because throughout the war and all his mistreatment and humiliation he confided his deepest feelings to her and as most of his detractors were still alive she did not want them falling into the wrong hands. She was as noble as her Husband.
I would have loved to be on this small up State city just cross the river from Albany to see the 10,000 mourners at the funeral. It would have been great to see President Grant and members of his cabinet climb the hill to the receiving vault where Thomas was placed till the ground thawed enough to dig the grave.
I have been to the grave as it is only 2 hours from me. I try to help clean the site when I can as this cemetery which contains the bodies of 9 Civil War generals along with Samuel Wilson (Uncle Sam) is very poor and only has a small staff.
If you ever wish to go there please let me know
Sincerely Yours
John Gleason
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