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Baseball Examiner 2003
The Tenth Edition of the Examiner examines over 150 young hitters - many of whom haven't yet reached the majors. Their minor league stats are converted into major league equivalent stats, and their minor- and major-league stats are combined into year-by-year totals, giving you better insight into their true ability and potential.

There is a rundown of the major league teams, addressing a number of fantasy-related issues for each club, as well as a discussion of each team's impact rookie, youngster on the rise and burnout candidate.

Quotes from the 2003 Examiner:

On Albert Pujols: "Its hard to imagine how he could do much better, but based on his dropping strikeout rate and his tremendous ability to hit with two strikes, were betting he can."

On Josh Beckett: "Sometimes blister problems can actually help a young pitcher in the long run by preventing him from being worked hard before hes ready just ask Nolan Ryan. Coming off a low-stress season, Beckett is poised to break out, if his fingers have grown tough enough."

On Hank Blalock: "Ignore last year. Hes still a potential star, perhaps as soon as this year, if he can get the at-bats."

On Victor Martinez: "Hell be a .300 hitter from the day he sets foot on a major league field."

On George Lombard: "Lombard apparently captivated the Tigers enough late last year to get the first crack at the center field job. Hell probably swipe a few bags and run down everything between the alleys. Hell also probably whiff his way back to the bench by June."

On Cody Ross: "By this time next year you may be hearing a lot more about him."

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