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Mat Olkin When Mat Olkin was 11, he turned over a baseball card and found numbers on the back. He's been trying to make sense of them ever since.

Born to a lifelong Red Sox fan, Mat first took to baseball in 1978. After witnessing his father's reaction to the Bucky Dent home run, he decided to root for the Brewers. He cried as Bruce Sutter struck out Gorman Thomas to end the 1982 World Series, but figured his Brew Crew would make it back next year.

His first published work was a letter to Bill James that appeared in the 1987 Baseball Abstract. He later contributed to the Cooperstown Review and Paul Siebel's annual Absolutely Baseball. He completed his first book, the self-published Baseball Examiner, as a third-year law student in 1995.

The annual now is in its ninth year. The book helped Mat land a position in the publications department of STATS, Inc. in 1996. There, he contributed to various STATS publications such as the STATS Baseball Scoreboard, the Scouting Notebook and the Diamond Chronicles. He also wrote a weekly fantasy column, the Fantasy Advisor, for STATS' web page on America Online.

In 1999 Mat took his current position as a copy editor for Baseball Weekly (now USA Today Sports Weekly) magazine. He pens a weekly collection of blurbs and factoids entitled Mat at Bat, and contributes the occasional fantasy column or analytical piece. His work also appears in the Baseball Prospectus.

Mat Olkin lives with his wife Laura in Centreville, Virginia. And he still is waiting for his Brewers to get back into contention.

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