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Caring for your Old Mountain Cast Iron Cookware
The information found here will help you take perfect care of your new cast iron cookware. Caring for it will ensure it lasts for generations to come. This information is also printed on each hang tag attached to every Old Mountain item.

All Old Mountain cookware meets all FDA and Proposition 65 regulations.


We are Old Mountain, LLC. We specialize in pre seasoned and ready to use cast iron cookware and bamboo cutting boards for wholesale customers only. Please feel free to browse our products online and contact us for order information.

Essential for any kitchen, Old Mountain preseasoned cast iron cookware heats evenly, retains the heat, and is more versatile than any other type of cookware available. Cast iron will fry, saute', grill, roast, stew, bake, as well as the guarantee of an Old Mountain skillet to keep the orneriest of husbands in line! ( Yes, we are joking! )

Fully functional and very decorative, our Old Mountain bamboo cutting boards are a bonus for every kitchen. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world and when treated is harder than maple and beech. It is moisture resistant, lightweight and exceptionally durable. Harvesting bamboo is low impact to the environment and is sustainable. Old Mountain offers many styles and sizes of bamboo cutting boards.

Mini Cook Stoves
We also carry a line of Mini Cook Stoves. guaranteed to invoke memories of times past, this is our #1 item. Additional styles are here.

Cast Iron Cookware as Retro/Country Home Decor?
Check out our selection of cast iron cookware with home decor in mind. We hear of many customers who buy Old Mountain cast iron cookware to add a retro or country flavor to their decorating because of the beautiful embossed logo and aged look. A country kitchen is not complete until Old Mountain cast iron is hanging on the wall to bring warm memories of home.