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Circumglobal Trophy Dash
35 Annual Events (and counting) . . .

round-the-world competitions, challenges of logic, alertness, and common sense

quests from Malta, Montana (our traditional starting point), to a variety of places on a variety of maps, circling the globe until we return to the start

journeys of thousands of miles without leaving home, because they're all done on maps!

This is how the Circumglobal Trophy Dash works:

We'll send you the complete set of maps and the book of round-the-world instructions as soon as we receive your entry -- any time between now and Columbus Day.

You'll travel, at your kitchen table or wherever you want, an hour or two at a time whenever you want, on a continuous course around the world, all on maps, along highways and bush tracks, over mountains and across the seven seas.

Usually there's a challenge involved. Alertness counts. Along the way, you'll be asked questions to see if you're on the correct course.

You have until October 20 to send in your answers.  Then custom-designed awards go to the top circumnavigators, those who've done the best in avoiding the bushwhackers and snares.

In addition to the awards for the top competitors, local champion certificates go to the best from each state, province, and country.

What kinds of instructions and questions?   Here's an example from this fall's competition:

At Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain of England:

16. Walk around Sarsen Stone 59c, then walk straight to Aubrey Hole 12.

Question: Do you walk under lintels during Instruction 16?

And again, for the second year, we include an optional set of Online Maltese Challenge questions, whose answers are dependent on your independent research.

For instance:

Which of these is depicted on the Emblem of Malta?

Latin cross, Maltese cross, olive branches, or sally port

Where would you like to go this year?

We'll take you around the world! We're going to Costa Rica, then to Accra on the Gold Coast of Africa, then to the capital of Malta, then to Stonehenge and back down to Switzerland, then to the southeast coast of Australia and the capital of Papua New Guinea, and finally home again!

In 2013 we went to Port of Spain [Trinidad], then to Gozo [Malta] in the Mediterranean, then to Leeds [England] and down to Turkey, then to Russia (to visit the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi - to help design the bobsled run!) and Chiengmai [Thailand], then home.

In 2012 we went to Ecuador and Peru, then from South America to the Ivory Coast, then up to Romania [Transylvania!], then to Mandalay, Australia, and Papua New Guinea, then home.

In 2011 we went to London -- to help check out the Summer Olympics venues and to run the marathon course. From England we went to Austria, then to Malaysia and Japan, then home.

In 2010 we went to Honduras and the Ivory Coast, to the Levant, to Australia and Papua New Guinea, then home.

In 2009 we went to Panama and Morocco, then to Spain and England, then to the Arabian desert and onward to Australia, then to the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver (where you devised a new Olympic event, the One-and-a-Halflon -- a 1-myriameter cross-country skiing course with a half-end of curling at its midpoint), then home.


To sign up now for this fall's event, send a check (payable to 'Trophy Dash') for the entry fee to: Circumglobal Trophy Dash, P.O. Box 53, La Cañada, Calif. 91012.

The entry fee is $55. If in Canadian dollars, it's $55 as well. For the U.K.: £38. Continental Europe: 48 Euros. Other overseas: $63 U.S.

Circumglobal Trophy Dash
P.O. Box 53
La Cañada, California 91012

- - and we'll be glad to enclose a gift announcement for you
in the competition package if you'd like
to give an entry as a gift