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59 Semi-Annual Events (and counting) . . .

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cover-to-cover competition in the World Almanac, with challenges of logic, alertness, and common sense

a variety of questions, covering all kinds of facts, testing not what you know, but what you can find out

This is how The Almaniac works:

Each fall Almaniac starts on Halloween -- the entry deadline is Thanksgiving -- and extends into December.

Each spring Almaniac starts in the first week of March -- the entry deadline is in late April -- and extends into May.

To get you started, we'll send you the great big 1008-page 2014 World Almanac plus the book of Almaniac instructions and questions, and then the fun begins.


Note: Entries for the spring 2014 Almaniac closed on April 23.

The fall Almaniac will begin on Halloween. Scroll to the bottom regarding receiving advance information in October.

Meanwhile, please check out our Circumglobal Trophy Dash map rally, going on right now.


You'll delve into the World Almanac, at your kitchen table or wherever you want, an hour or two at a time whenever you want, cruising through the index on your way to deciphering the clues.

The challenge will be to use the clues (there are clues) and avoid the tricks in tracking down the answers in the World Almanac.

You'll have until the answer sheet deadline to send us your answers.

After you've sent in your answers, we'll score your answer sheets and send you a complete set of results. To the top competitors will go custom-designed Almaniac awards.

Plus, local champion certificates will go to the best from each state, province, and country.

What kind of questions do we ask? Here are two from this past spring's event:

Which among these vegetables had the greatest percentage increase in annual per capita consumption in the U.S. from 1970 to 2011?

broccoli, carrots, or garlic

Who most recently won the Indianapolis 500 driving a Peugeot?

Gordon, Howdy, Jules, or Parnelli

(Scroll down for the answers.)

Once you're underway, you'll have approximately 2 months before it's time to send us your answers.

Following scoring, custom-designed awards will go to the top competitors, and the best from each state, province, and country will receive local champion certificates.

Are you ready for the answers to the spring 2014 questions?

Broccoli consumption increased over 500% from 1.5 pounds (frozen + fresh) in 1970 to 9.1 pounds in 2011. Garlic increased 375%, carrots 22%. (2014 World Almanac p. 95)

Howdy Wilcox won the 1919 Indianapolis 500 in a Peugeot EX5. (2014 World Almanac p. 957)


To receive an Almaniac brochure in the mail next October, in advance of the 2014 fall competition, just send The Old Maltese an email request mentioning the Almaniac, with your street mailing address, or mail a note to us at:

P.O. Box 53
La Caņada, California 91012