Reflections of a Sentry

377th Security Police
Tan Son Nhut Air Base
Saigon, RVN


October 1968-69

My name is (Sgt.) Ollie “Kirk” Bennett.  I am the one firing the M-16 rifle in the photo to your right. Memories of my “Mission Vietnam” both good and bad are forever a part of my psyche.

Base Security

Training (Firing Range)

I too, have haughting dreams.  One in particular is of the last flight departing Tan Son Nhut without me.  Remember your DEROS and the times you watched your friends leave...wishing all along you were on that flight?  Remember your “short time” calendar and counting down the days when your time to leave for loved ones in the states?

But reflecting upon the fading photographs before me, I pause to remember the good times...friends, a desire to match a face with a name and to recall the innocence and comradre of our youth.  Remember the trips to Saigon, Cholon District, MACV Snack Bar, taxis, pagoda just outside of main gate, and the “Yellow House”?

Several web sites* have been created to honor the commitment, contributions and valor of the security police.  I trust your visit here will be refreshing.  I have searched the Internet and found a few of my pals, but there are more of you I still want to locate.  If you can help us identify a person or location in these pages, please let us know...

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Heavy Weapons

Party Life



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