Ivan taken while working (for 9 years) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov 1932.

Hryczkow / Hrychko / Hritchko / Hrytsko / Hritsko / Hryckiw / Hryts'kiv

Hryczkow (Polish spelling) / Hrychko/ Hritchko (USA pronunciation).

Basili (Vasyl) Hryckiw was born in Oslawica, Galicia, Austria (before it was taken over by Poland). He married an Eufimia Maykowicz , of Radoszyce house 47,and they had the following four children in the 1880s: Tekla, Eva, Maria and Ivan (photograph at left).

•Tekla born ?; married Ivan Kadulak; and died ?

• Eva Hrychko, born: ? ; married Anton Havruliv; and died in 1972.

• Maria Hryczkow, born: 1883, married Nicolas Wachalivski and died in 1920 at age 37. There are no photos available (so far) for Maria Hryczkow.

• Ivan (photograph at left), born: 1902; married Fenna Vuloka and had ? children. Ivan had a son named Wasyl Hryczkow. Wasyl is currently living in the Ukraine with his children and grandchildren.

Relationships to Ewdokia: Maria Hryczkow was Ewdokia's mother, therefore, Ivan was Ewdokia's uncle.

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"My father was 9 years in Argentina and earned a little. Came home and bought a little bit of land. With a hand saw, he cut trees for new house and all was left behind in Poland. In June 1946 Polish chased us but Ukrainian partisans (bandits) didn't let us in. We hid in sand. Then Polish Army came and chased us again and those who were able to pack up wagons again went back to Komancza. The Army put us in wagons and drove us to Ukraine. Since our houses burned when bombs fell during war, we didn't have documents. We were placed in houses that didn't have doors or windows so we covered them with straw. We had trouble going to gather food for there wasn't anything to eat for us or the cow. " (told to Olga June 30 1999)

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    •2/17/05 I would enjoy any assistance available on searching for the family Hryckowian. Although my great-grandparents were Ukrainian Catholic, I believe that they may have resided in either: Bereska, Krosno, or Sanok. My great-grandfather was born about 1868 in Galicia, Ukraine. His name was Josef Hryckowian and his wife, Katherine Hohla, was born in 1871. Any help in locating these people's records would be greatly-greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Eric Ryscovyan frozenember@hotmail.com

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