Emilion Kaczmar's transport takes him to communist USSR

Brothers John and Emilion in Germany

Emilion settled in a village outside of Zaporizhzhya, USSR (now Ukraine).

Ewdokia Kaczmar spent years searching for Milko and finally located him & his new family in 1956. Her care packages throughout the following years, pulled them through a very desperate, poverty-stricken time in USSR.

Milko raised two girls and two boys: Victor, Lida, Nadia & George. Deceased are: Milko (1990), Nina (1997), Victor (1995) and George (1999) Kaczmar. (Like many early deaths in the Ukraine, Victor & George died as a result of the Cheronobyl nuclear fallout.) Lida and Nadia are still living and have grandchildren of their own.


In the '50s, in Zaporizhzhya, USSR (left to right): Milko holding Victor, Nina holding George, Nadia, and Lida, the oldest child.

French daughter
We're looking for a French connection. This daughter may be in France. We'd like to reunite her with her half sisters in Ukraine.

John & Emilion's mother (my grandmother): Maria Muzika Look at that strong chin. So that's where my strong chin comes from ;-) I wonder whether the high cheek bones are the Tartar influence?

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