Wednesday, April 12, 2006

CCHR International is proud to announce the latest feature on our website – a section for referral to attorneys.
CCHR is contacted regularly by individuals who have been harmed or violated by psychiatry, or whose loved ones have been harmed, damaged or even killed.
These victims often seek attorneys and need attorneys to preserve their rights and to seek compensation for damages caused by psychiatric abuses and pharmaceutical injuries. CCHR therefore endeavors to get victims in contact with attorneys who are potentially interested in helping these individuals protect their rights and receive proper restitution for wrongdoing.
Therefore, CCHR has developed a section of our website where abused individuals can post information about the abuse they have been subjected to, sorted by location and type of abuse. Then attorneys can view these files to see if there is someone they feel they could assist. In addition to the cases posted at the time of the section’s launch, new cases will be added regularly.
Here is an opportunity for your abuse case victims to get legal representation. You can send the abuse case documentation of the abuse to CCHR Int. Also, if you know individuals who would want their abuse information posted, have them fill out the Abuse Case Form on the website. If you know attorneys who want to assist such abused individuals, please have them fill out the Attorney Form on the site. The attorney’s name will then be provided to the potential client who will contact the attorney.
This service is being offered as a public service and there is no charge for it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let us work together to erase the stigma of being labeled "mentally ill."

If mental illnesses were true brain diseases, there would be no controversy surrounding this subject. The controversy exists because research continues to contradict the use of medications despite the insistence of psychiatry that their theories are correct. The so called "diseases or illnesses" were voted into existence in the DSM to encourage profits for many organizations & professions on many different levels. We believe that human suffering, though very real, does not indicate a dysfunction of the brain & can be treated & healed with safer, more natural approaches than dangerous, addictive, psychotropic drugs. The human brain is the most complex organ in our bodies. Efforts to understand the brain continue to be used to sell the chemical imbalance theory even though the results of studies are inconclusive & contradictory.

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