Friday, September 23, 2005

Psychiatrists Have Recommended "Caging" Children For More Than 200 Years

While many are shocked at news reports of a psychiatrist advising an Ohio couple to confine their 11 foster children in caged beds, the practice of caging patients in beds in not uncommon for the psychiatric industry.
In 2004, after young children and adults were found in Hungarian psychiatric wards, imprisoned in caged beds as punishment for “misbehavior,” such as getting out of bed in the night or taking food from the hospital refrigerator, the practice was banned in Hungary and the Czech Republic by the European Parliament. This was due to the dedicated efforts of human rights groups and Harry Potter author JK Rowling who demanded an end to this degrading and inhuman treatment of both adults and young children. Harry Potter Author JK Rowling slams psychiatrists use of cage beds.
As abusive and harmful as caging children may be, psychiatry's unrepentant use of such arcane practices spans more than 200 years. Click the link below for downloadable images of these photos:
Circa 1998: CCHR found Hungarian mentalpatients forced to live in cages
Psychiatric cage beds date backto the 1800s
To download images:
For more information on psychiatry's brutal treatment of children, including caged beds, heavy drugging and deadly restraint procedures that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of American children over the past 10 years, read: Deadly Restraints—Psychiatry's 'Therapeutic' Assault

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