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Wiese joins Eric Harris, (Columbine), Kip Kinkel (Springfield, Oregon) as school shooters on psychiatric drugs resulting in 29 dead and 54 wounded.
According to a March 23rd New York Times article , 16-year-old Native American school shooter Jeff Weise was taking “medication” (psychiatric drugs) for “emotional problems,” and that he had been admitted last year for psychiatric “help.” While psychiatrists will be rushing to defend the administration of mind-altering drugs, and deny all documented effects of suicide or violence, the drugs are the most common link in school shootings in the United States. In 2002, FOX National News three-part series on violent and suicidal effects of psychiatric drugs on teens, reported that teenagers taking antidepressants with known side-effects of mania and psychosis committed 7 out of 12 school shootings in the United States.Click here for a posting by Weise under his username "verlassen4_20" where he admits taking antidepressant drugs. [May be unavailable due to heavy traffic.] For more information on the deadly effects of child drugging, click here to read CCHR's publication, "Child Drugging: Psychiatry Destroying Lives." printable articleWednesday, March 23, 2005
Mass drugging of schoolchildren remains dark secret of public education, psychiatryBelieve it or not, until recently, it has been perfectly legal for schools to force schoolchildren to be put on psychoactive mind-altering drugs as a condition of attending that school. That is, the school administrator or counselor could insist that a certain child be dosed with mind-altering drugs. It sounds bizarre, but it was absolutely true until just recently.
Finally, Congress has passed legislation that bans schools from forcing parents to drug their children for behavioral problems. This law was even signed by President Bush, believe it or not.
Now you may think that, gee, this wasn't a problem, I never heard about this. But in fact it was a huge problem. There have been many cases where children were denied an education because their parents refused to put them on narcotic stimulants, antidepressants and other drugs that we now know cause violent behavior and increased risk of suicide. There were schools actually forcing parents to put their children on drugs that would cause aggressive behavior and suicidal thoughts. And, in extreme cases, these drugs actually caused or contributed to the kind of mass murders like we saw in Columbine where the two high school students picked up assault rifles, went to school, and blew away teachers and classmates. These two kids were on antidepressant drugs -- it's still one of the most censored stories of the last de cade.
Think about it: these kids were taking antidepressants when they blew away their classmates and teachers. And yet the school districts are insisting that more children be put on these drugs!
Now, I knew there were problems with the public school system, I knew that a lot of public education was a complete waste of time and that many public schools are nothing more than taxpayer funded daycare. But even I was horrified to learn that our public schools are turning into mental institutions and forcing children to be dosed on psychoactive drugs just to be there. What happened to the right of children to have an honest education these days? What happened to the right of parents to protect their children from the abusive behavior of drug companies and psychiatrists who irresponsibly over-prescribe these drugs even though they're increasingly aware of the toxic, dangerous side effects of these drugs?
(By the way, three years ago, anybody who said that antidepressant drugs cause violent behavior was called a nut case. Now it's a commonly recognized scientific truth, published in peer-reviewed journals and widely acknowledged by the scientific community. It just goes to show you how unpopular it is when you're a few years ahead of the public perception on these things.)
This law has been needed for quite some time. And who was against this law? Of course, it was the psychiatrists! The community of psychiatrists did not want to let go of this power, because when you have the power to force children to take drugs and to force parents to put children on those drugs, you have consolidated power over entire communities. That's what the psychiatrists have done -- when psychiatrists were given the right to prescribe drugs, they were given power, and they don't want to let go of that power. So they fought bitterly against this bill and they aren't happy with its passage.
But of course, they're continuing to just invent new fictitious diseases by diagnosing children with so-called mental disorders that have no verifiable scientific basis whatsoever. These diseases are completely fictional (like "social anxiety disorder" and "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder"). The hallucinations, it seems, are in the minds of the psychiatrists, not in the minds of the children. And when it comes to behavioral disorders, if you want to calm down the children and help them pay attention and learn more effectively, you've got to look at nutrition, not drugs. You have to get the sugar out of their diets, you have to take the food additives and the hydrogenated oils and the high-fructose corn syrup out of their diets. When you do that, 80% of these children that have been diagnosed with ADHD be come non-ADHD children in two weeks or less. 80%. All you've got to do is take these food additives out of their diet, and all of a sudden they're normal, wonderful children who can learn and focus. They don't need drugs.
The threshold for drugging children is far too low in this country -- we have far too many people interested in the power, the profits and the control of drugging children. And it is laws like this that we need passed in this country. We need people to know (especially parents) that they don't have to agree to having their children dosed on toxic drugs. They have the right to say no! They have the right to protect their children from the ambitions of psychiatrists, the megalomania of an industry that wants to drug entire populations, and the profit-seeking ambitions of the pharmaceutical industry.
What's interesting is that one of the main proponents of this bill was the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). Other groups that supported this law include the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Foundation of Women Legislators (NFWL), and Parents for a Label and Drug Free Education.
You may wonder why the NAACP, in particular, backed legislation like this. The answer is because it was predominantly black children who were being labeled as problem children and dosed with these drugs. The black community in America is watching an entire generation be dosed up with mind-altering drugs. That's as sad as anything I've ever seen in this country. Instead of helping these young black children get an honest education and get the skills that they need to succeed in life, we had psychiatrists and drug companies just putting them on drugs that basically numb their brains to the point where, sure, they're no longer a behavioral problem, but they're not learning anything either. How does that help society? It doesn't. All it does is create another high school dropout who can't function because they didn't get an honest education.
I'm going to be called a racist for saying this (like I care), but here goes: there are a lot of white psychiatrists drugging the heck out of low-income black children and calling it "medicine." That's not medicine, that's a chemical assault on the children of America. And frankly, African Americans have every right to be outraged about it.
So let's stop drugging our children and let's start teaching them for a change. Let's get the psychiatrists out of our schools and get the drug companies away from our children. Why is it that we teach our children to "just say no to drugs," and then we turn around and dose them up on powerful narcotics anyway? What kind of message does that send to our nation's youth?
While we're at it, let's start paying teachers honest salaries so that we can attract and retain high-quality people into the teaching industry. Let's start funding our schools with the money they need to actually provide quality education and let's have some serious school reform so that we can eliminate the old bureaucracy that currently runs our public schools all across the country.
We have a system of education here that's 200 years old; nothing much has changed! We still have chalkboards, erasers and stodgy lecture formats for conveying information to students. We need something new in our schools, and there are a lot of hard-working teachers and administrators who have great ideas but are shut down by the bureaucracy and psychiatrists who insist on drugging the students. Let these people have a chance to get some work done, to do the teaching they want to do, to put new ideas into action and see what works in terms of educating our children. I believe that teachers are teachers for the right reason -- they want to work with children; they want to help children learn. We need to give them the tools and the funds that they need to be better teachers, and that means making sure our kids are off of drugs so they have the state of mind necessary for learning.
Because right now, we're not raising a generation of smart, well-educated children. We're producing a wave of over-diagnosed, over-drugged, over-labeled children who are increasingly incapable of functioning as productive citizens in society.

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Sign the Petition to repeal Prop 63: 1 % tax for mental health treatment

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Keith Hoeller Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another teenager has shot and murdered schoolchildren, and those who believe that "mental illness" is the cause of all our social problems have offered the standard explanation > and usual solution: This child suffered from a mental illness, and if only someone had seen the symptoms and notified mental-health authorities, he would have received an accurate diagnosis and the > proper medication, and the tragedy could have been prevented.

If only Red Lake High School student Jeff Weise had been placed on antidepressant medications, psychiatrists say, then this murder/suicide would never have happened. The story is usually followed by calls for more mental-health screening and treatment of our nation's schoolchildren.

In most of the recent cases of school shootings, however, the signs were noticed: The child was reported to mental-health authorities, received a psychiatric diagnosis, was put on medications and was taking them when he pulled the trigger. It was true with Eric Harris of Columbine and Kip Kinkel in Oregon, as well as 10 other youths.

This may be the tip of the iceberg, because this information is often kept confidential and out of the papers, even when a murder occurs. Now news reports indicate Weise, who murdered nine in Red Lake, Minn., before turning the gun on himself, had been suicidal and was committed to a mental hospital. He began taking an antidepressant last summer, and his dosage had been increased a week before the shootings, according to the New York Times.

In 2003 Britain banned antidepressants for use in children and adolescents, and last year Health Canada issued a stern warning about > these drugs, noting "clinical trial and post-marketing reports (of) ... severe agitation-type adverse events coupled with self-harm or harm to others."

This year, the Food and Drug Administration has mandated a black-box label on antidepressants warning of the potential for increased suicidal thoughts and behavior with children and adolescents. Yet, as Vera Sharav of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, has said: "Journalists continue to be beguiled by speculative scientific hypotheticals which psychiatrists discuss as though they have been proved. Misinformation is transmitted to the public about unproven 'chemical imbalances' in the brain of depressed people - - when, in fact, no evidence exists demonstrating any chemical or structural brain abnormality in people diagnosed with a mental illness." Indeed, the papers are full of quotes of psychiatrists claiming that depression is a serious medical disease caused by a serotonin > imbalance in the brain. But no conclusive scientific evidence exists to support this theory. In "Blaming the Brain: The Truth About Drugs and Mental Health" (Free Press, 1998), neuroscientist Eliot Valenstein says, "Although it is often stated with great confidence that depressed people have a serotonin or norepinephrine deficiency, the > actual evidence contradicts these claims. It is not now possible to > measure norepinephrine and serotonin in the brains of patients." Not surprisingly, psychiatrists have never developed any physical test to detect depression or any mental illness, and all diagnosis is done > based solely on symptoms. In other words, antidepressants and all > other psychiatric medications are not in fact being prescribed to treat bona fide diseases.

Yet, whenever anyone criticizes the drugs, psychiatrists shout about the increased risk of suicide if patients stop taking their > antidepressants, despite the fact that no antidepressant has ever been tested on suicidal patients and therefore never approved by the FDA as safe and effective in preventing suicide.

President Bush included an unprecedented call for mandatory mental-health screening of schoolchildren in his recent budget. Violating the rights of parents to just say "no" to psychiatric diagnosis and treatment of their children, this idea originated in the president's New Freedom Commission. According to a study last year in the Lancet, U.S. psychiatrists, pediatricians and family practitioners wrote 11 million prescriptions for antidepressants for children in 2002. All the signs indicate this > method of dealing with our children is not working. It is high time for both parents and schools to find a different method of dealing with troubled children. To paraphrase Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," the fault is not in our children's brains or genes, but in ourselves. It is to our own treatment of children that we must look to find an answer to their problems -- and ours.

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