North Carolina Will Abstracts for the HAM surname.

  • Copyright Jan 16, 1999 by David Hamm
  • odoniv (at) earthlink.net

    Researching the HAM surname in Virginia and North Carolina.

  • July 04, 1907 Thomas HAM dies in Statesville, Iredell County, NC.
  • HAM, Thomas Died Jul 04, 1907 in Statesville, Iredell Co., NC.

  • Iredell County 1907 Iredell Co. Court Records? pg ?? Iredell Co., NC
  • Thomas F. HAM b. Feb 16, 1853 d. Jul 04, 1907 Buried in the Snow Creek
  • Cemetery, Statesville, NC.
  • I do not have a copy of the estate papers, but the cemetery records are on file at the North Carolina Archives.

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