North Carolina Will Abstracts for the HAM surname.

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    Researching the HAM surname in Virginia and North Carolina.

  • Dec 1815 Mordecai HAM dies in Stokes County, NC.
  • HAM, Mordecai

  • Stokes County 1815 Court Records ??, pg ?? NC Archives?
  • I don't have a copy of the estate records, but Susan Bullock has sent me a copy of the Revolutionary War Pension papers filed by widow Rebecca HAM on May 4, 1839 in Stokes County, NC. Susan also enclosed the affidavit of Elizabeth FULP, half sister to Mordecai HAM (filed May 4, 1839).
  • These NC Rev. War Pension papers can be found in Book A, vol 9, pg 187.
  • Filed by widow Rebecca HAM, 79 years old in May of 1839. Mordecai born two years earlier than Rebecca.
  • He enlisted in 1776 under Captain Colson in Fayetteville, NC. Discharged in Chatham. Volunteered back into duty in 1781 under Col. James Martin's Regiment in Guilford County.
  • Children:

  • Elizabeth HAMM Born: Oct 13, 1783
  • Mary HAMM Born: Sep, 1785
  • Hannah HAM
  • Jane HAM
  • Thomas HAM
  • Susanna HAM
  • Stephen HAM
  • James HAM
  • Patsy HAM (twin)
  • Rebecca HAM (twin)
  • Peter HAM
  • Elener HAM

  • Elizabeth FULP aged 78 years, widow of Peter FULP (deceased) declares under oath that her half brother Mordecai HAM served during the Revolutionary War. Mentions her recollection of his service in Chatham County, NC and Guilford County (including the Battle of Guilford). Includes activities of her brother over Big Yadkin River, Salisbury, Mecklenberg, etc.

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