North Carolina Will Abstracts for the HAM surname.

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  • Researching the HAM surname in Virginia and North Carolina.

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  • Haywood HAM b. CIRCA 1791, Died CIRCA 1859 in Wayne Co., NC.
  • 1859 Haywood HAM files will in Wayne County, NC.
  • Wayne County 1859 Wayne Co. Recording Docket 13, pg 19 NC Archives
  • A full transcription of the will can be found on page 115 of "William HAM(M), Sr. and Some of His Descendants" by Tania S. Ham, Jacksonville, FL.  According to information contributed by Jan Andrews, Charlotte HAM ANDREWS, Haywood HAM and wife Penelope DEANS were buried at the Country Day School Road at Ham's Springs and just east of the Pate Town Road where there is a cemetery nestling beneath the trees.
  • Wives:

    1) Sarah (or Sallie) BEST (16 children)
  • 2) Penelope DEANS    1819 - 1884  (8 children)
  • Sons by wife Sarah:

  • Haywood HAM, Jr.
  • Benjamin HAM
  • Henry B. HAM
  • Erestus HAM
  • Hiram J. HAM
  • Nathan HAM

  • Daughters by wife Sarah:

  • Sarah HAM
  • Azabah HAM

  • Sons by wife Penelope:

  • Matthew J. HAM
  • George D. HAM
  • Erestus Q. HAM
  • Haywood D. HAM

  • Daughters by wife Penelope:

  • Eleanor HAM
  • Maryanna HAM
  • Nancy HAM
  • Charlotte HAM    b. 1858 d. 1882   m. 1882  Ichabod P. ANDREWS  in Wayne County, NC. Jan says that Ichabod
                      (or Bud as he was called) could charm bobwhites to come to him if Jan and her sister sat very still.
                      Charlotte was buried at the Country Day School Road at Ham's Springs near Haywood HAM and wife Penelope.
                      After Charlotte died in 1882, Ichabod ANDREWS married 2nd) Annie CRUMPLER.
                      Bud and Annie named their first daughter in Charlotte’s honor, naming their daughter Lottie.

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