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Y-DNA Phylogenetic Tree
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A phylogenetic tree can display the genetic tree for your Y-DNA project.

The Phylogenetic Tree creates genetic tree display for the TMRCA information from your genetic genealogy data.


An example of the PHYLIP style Phylogenetic tree.        
An example of the PHYLIP style Network tree.        

For an example of how they are used for the HAM DNA Project, see the Phylogenetic Charts page.   


The concept of Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) was first developed by Dr. Bruce Walsh for use with Y-DNA analysis. This development was soon followed by the work of Dr. Spencer Wells and the Genographic Project, which analyzes the deep ancestry of the entire human population.

Dean McGee's Y-DNA Utility and the Kitsch program from the PHYLIP package are used to create the phylograms.
PHYLIP was developed by by Joseph Felsenstein of the University of Washington.

See also theYou Tube video:    "How To Read HAM DNA Phylograms

If you would like to create phylograms on your own instead, see the Phylogenetic Chart Instructions.


You must provide the data for Y-DNA, preferrably from Family Tree DNA. The data must be in either FTDNA or Y-Search format. If on web pages (such as FTDNA or WorldFamilies pages), then please provide the link.


Only male lines are represented (Y-DNA).

* Rates are dependant upon the number of kits requested, according to the following guidelines:

                50 kits or less:   $  75.00
              100 kits or less:   $140.00
              200 kits or less:   $275.00
              300 kits or less:   $375.00
              400 kits or less:   $500.00

The kits do not have to be of the same haplotype group.
Processing can take up to two weeks, depending upon the amount of data.
More than 400 kits can be one confusing mess to view, and should be broken down into modals or groups.
Please contact me if you have the need to process more than 400 kits.

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  The Phylogenetic Tree creates a family history display for the TMRCA information from your genetic genealogy data.

Phylogenetic Tree
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